Confessions Of A Professional Organizer – Part 5

Every year without fail the magazine companies feature articles on getting organized.  It is one of the top New Year’s resolutions.

Most of the information isn’t anything new.

Why is it that the magazine companies keep repeating the same message?

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In the meantime, check out this short video on Confessions Of A Professional Organizer, part 5

Stay safe, healthy and calm.

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Confessions Of A Professional Organizer: Part Three

The average home has over 350,000 things in it.

How many are in your home?

How many of the things are you really using?

Check out this short video on Confessions of a Professional Organizer: Part 3

I don’t know how many items are in my home. But I know that moving from Minimalism to Essentialism is liberating and empowering.

Minimalism is all about keeping the things around you that you use, need and love. If you take it one step further you go to essentialism. Essentialism is where you pick up the item and simply say “hell yes, I want this in my life.” If it is serving a purpose for you, then that’s all that matters.

For example; how many vases do you use, need and want?

Pick up a vase and ask yourself “is this a hell yes vase, I absolutely love it and I’d be sad if it broke?” If so, keep it. If not, then it is time to donate it.

Who do you know who would benefit from downsizing?

Please share the love by sharing this link with them and while you’re at it, please add to your social media.

PS: One of the top three New Years Resolutions is to get organized. What’s yours?  Share below
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A Covid-19 Christmas – How Will You Make This Holiday Season Special?

Wouldn’t we all love it if we could have a “normal” Christmas?

Do you dream of having your family around you?

Do you dream of your traditions?

I do and I’m sure you do as well. Unfortunately this year 2020 will look different for all of us.

Check out this short video on “A Covid-19 Christmas” then read on for some fun ideas.

Rather than dwelling on all the things we can’t have or do, let’s take a look at some creative new ideas and traditions. This could be the perfect year to create a calm Christmas/Holiday Season. A stress-free Christmas. A debt free Christmas. This could be the perfect year to make colossal changes and step out of the box.

What could be some of these new traditions?

Sponsoring a family. We will all be spending a lot less on entertainment and gifts so possibly we could sponsor two or three families this year.

Could this be the year to focus on handmade gifts? To get creative and crafty.
Could this be the year to give the gift of time. This is the most precious gift that you can give people.

Could this be the season to get organized and set up lasting systems that work for you and the whole family?

What about doing zoom cook offs amongst family members. Who makes the best stuffing for an example or the best pies? It would all be in good fun.

This could be the season to get active. Instead of sitting around all day with your family, like the past, you could get active within your bubble. That might be snowshoeing, a walk around the seawall, hike, or shoveling snow for your neighbours.

Maybe Christmas this year could be spent away in a cabin with a good book and a cozy fire.

After all, this is the year of the big pause.

However you plan on spending your Holiday Season, I wish you and your family all the best of health and happiness.

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Confessions Of A Professional Organizer: Part 1

Confessions Of A Professional Organizer: Part 1

Do you find it hard to believe that a professional organizer has anything to toss out?

Do you struggle with tossing things out?

Do you struggle with what to do with your photos?

Check out this short video on Confessions of a Professional Organizer then check out the following tips from Getting It Together:

Tip 1: It’s important to know your limit. I have one Rubbermaid container that holds all my photos/photo albums. If the lid doesn’t shut then it’s time to downsize some of the photos. This is what happened recently when I brought a photo album home from my mom’s place.

Tip 2: Like me, you might have pictures of people from your past that are no longer in your life. If you look at a picture and it brings you joy keep it. If you look at a picture and it doesn’t bring you joy then it’s time to toss it. Also keep in mind, how many pictures do you need to tell the story?

Are you wondering why I wouldn’t digitalize all my photos?