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Whether for a corporate Lunch ‘n Learn, Association / group / Club or other special event, let Rowena’s infectious enthusiasm and energy infuse your audience with clarity of thought and insight.

The topics below can be customized to your audience and/or combined so that she can speak for as little as 20 min. or as long as 2 hours or more.

Rowena’s experience and expertise combine to help people live their best lives by being organized in all areas. Her presentations are fun, interactive and thought-provoking – and always inspirational!

See Rowena In Action:

Which topic(s) are right for your group event?

Estate Organizing – Don’t Fall Into the Time Trap

  • Tell your story now
  • Dealing with disappointment
  • The 2 generation downsizing syndrome: 21st century life and death
  • Letting go and what to do with all your stuff

The Cost of Clutter, How it’s Affecting You and What to Do About It

  • Your clutter’s impact on your stress level, your ability to focus and sensory overload
  • The four kinds of clutter and four simple rules for getting organized and staying clutter-free
  • The three key words to use when downsizing
  • How the 60-second rule is applied

The Naked Truth of Time Management

  • Discover your time wasters and manage your inbox once and for all
  • Double your productivity in half the time
  • Find what you’re looking for in 20 seconds or less

Are You Consciously Consuming, or Are You Being Consumed?

  • The real cost of retail therapy
  • The three words to consider before making a purchase
  • Learn the Why, When, What and How to purge

Organize Yourself Healthy

  • The three-step system to an uber-organized kitchen
  • Meal-planning like a Pro
  • The top five fast, healthy go-to meal suggestions

The Uber-Organized Home

  • Organize multiple areas of your home in 15 minutes or less
  • The ultimate organizing system for all things paper
  • Honouring family heirlooms while not being consumed by them

The Super Woman Sanity Savers (What Every Working Mom Needs to Know)

  • The key systems so that you have a place for everything {and everything in its place}
  • The art of scheduling to save your sanity and maximize your time
  • Four golden rules for families to live by to stay clutter-free

What others are saying...

“Rowena’s workshop was absolutely fantastic. She made getting organized simple. I came out feeling like there’s hope for me yet!”
— Maija N

“I just love the way Rowena presents. The interaction with the audience is great. I left feeling really good about myself.”
— Roxanne P