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Confessions Of A Professional Organizer – Part 6

When I was a young girl, I grew up across the street from Central Park in Burnaby British Columbia Canada. I think I was always destined to be an entrepreneur. At a young age I went to my neighbours’ and asked if I could start babysitting. I was only 11. They agreed that I could take care of their young son only if my mum was home for any emergencies that might arise.

I was in business. Yeah!!

Fortunately, there was never an emergency.

On one occasion the young couple gave me this green sewing kit. I have coveted it for decades but it was time to downsize as I am no longer a sewer.

If I need anything sewn, repaired or constructed I contact my talented friend Denise who owns www.hellobeautiful.ca. Be sure to check out her site and see her talents.

In the meantime, check out this short video on Confessions Of A Professional Organizer part 6

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Confessions Of A Professional Organizer – Part 5

Every year without fail the magazine companies feature articles on getting organized.  It is one of the top New Year’s resolutions.

Most of the information isn’t anything new.

Why is it that the magazine companies keep repeating the same message?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

In the meantime, check out this short video on Confessions Of A Professional Organizer, part 5

Stay safe, healthy and calm.

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Confessions Of A Professional Organizer: Part 4

Most of you know I love to travel.

Sadly, like all of you, we are not permitted to travel internationally unless it’s essential until COVID-19 is under control or unless you are willing to go into 14 days of quarantine.

Many of us have been travelling within our own Province or State and we have been discovering beautiful places.

Where did you go these past few months?

When we do get back to traveling, my travel tote is right ready to go.

Check out this short video on Confessions Of A Professional Organizer: part 4, then read on for the top travel list.

Here’s a list of what I keep in my travel tote.

  • Passport
  • Nexus card
  • Currency from countries I have travelled to and will return to
  • Travel hairdryer
  • Refillable travel size containers
  • A luggage scale
  • International adaptors for my electronics
  • Travel size umbrella
  • Rain poncho
  • Disposable face cloths
  • Earbuds

I also have a small suitcase that I keep travel clothes in.

And my toiletry bag is always ready to.

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