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How To Organize Your Music?

Do you have more than one place to play music?

Are you keeping CD’s just in case? Just in case are the three deadliest words.

Would you like to streamline your music once and for all?

I did just that while we were in quarantine.

I personally have all my Cd’s downloaded on my computer which are also on my iPod.

I have a Google Home. And I have free music on my phone.

Way too much!!

All the cd’s went to donate.

The iPod is in the closet for travel and may find its way to donate before long as I can use my phone. What are your thoughts on that?

Check out this short video by Getting It Together on How To Organize Your music


And for fun, check out this short video from 10 years ago on How To Organize Your Cd’s


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How To Organize While in Quarantine – Part 4

Are you wondering when life will get back to the way it was?

Are you trying to adjust to our new normal? I know I am.

I had a couple of areas in my condo that needed addressing. My school yearbooks. I’ve moved them three times over the years. Never again! They take up valuable real estate and I don’t look at them. What’s the point of keeping them?

Check out this short video on How To Organize a While in Quarantine part-4

And then let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

PS. If you need help organizing your home or have any questions for me, feel free to email me directly at rowena@gettingittogether.ca



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How To Organize In A Quarantine – Part 3

We have been in self-isolation/quarantine for three months now. For many of you, this has been a very long and hard road with not only trying to home school your children, work from home and prepare meals every single day.

Check out this short video by Getting It Together on How To Organize For A Quarantine Part 3. Then read on for the TOP 3 helpful tips.

Tip 1: Always cook in bulk. Even if you’re making a roast dinner, prepare extra vegetables and potentially turn the leftovers into a stew which can be frozen in single servings. IMG_6904

Tip 2: Have a menu plan for two weeks at a time. Rotate that menu plan for the first two weeks of every month followed by a different menu plan for the last two weeks of every month.

Tip 3: Keep things simple and healthy.

PS: Are you still finding it a challenge to cook? Check out my new services where I will come right to your kitchen and prepare healthy freezer meals for you and your family. Contact rowena@gettingittogether.ca for rates and bookings. IMG_6902

PPS: Check out these two exciting podcasts where I was a guest on Heart Sells Podcast based in Germany.

And when you are done with all this insight, please check out

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