Productivity Tips-Get The Most From Your Mobile Phone

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your smart phone?

Do you use it for your convenience or do you let it run your life?

Why not check out this short video on

productivity tips

and see if you can get a handle on your time and your mobile phone.

We have rules for so many things in our lives, why not have rules around our mobile phone?

Many parents are setting rules for their kid’s phones or even taking them away as a form of punishment.

I know of one lady who took her daughter’s phone away for 2 weeks. She felt her daughter was not engaging in conversations any longer, not participating in family dialogues and becoming isolated. The daughter actually thanked her mother after the 2 weeks. She could see how dependant she was on her mobile phone and how addicted she was.

I met another young lady, who goes out for dinner with her friends they have to all put their phones in the middle of the table. The first person to answer or look at their phone has to pay the tab for the whole table. I love it!!

Are you setting boundaries with your smart phone? Would you like to set some with some friends of yours?

Phones have become out-of-control at social situations. This interrupts the time you are having with that person. In order to be more productive whether in a social or work environment, you need to know how to manage your time. Answering your phone when you cannot deal with the situation on the other end is a huge time buster. You have to call the person back. Let the calls go to voice mail and deal with them when you are able to.

How many accidents have you heard of because of mobile phones? They truly are distracting while walking, driving or in a checkout line up.  Recently I gave up my land line. I am now 100% mobile. I can see how setting boundaries and rules are so important. I can also see how distracting the mobile phone can be if you let it.

Why not try these top 5 

productivity tips

and see how much more time you have.

1. Start your day off with your most important task.

2. Answer your phone only when you can talk.

3. Check emails twice a day.

4. Take one day off a week from your phone. Leave it at home or at least turn it off.

5. Text only when you can concentrate on texting.

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I’ll share with you my tips and my colour coded secret.

Paper Clutter

paper clutterA few of my clients share a similar habit. When company is coming over they take all the papers that are lying around and shove them into a bag. Then they shove this bag into the nearest cupboard.  Out of sight out of mind.

This does not solve the

paper clutter

problem long term.  I have yet to meet a person that does not comment on the amount of paper they have in their home.  Are you one of them?

“They” said that with the invention of the computer we would be paperless. Ya right, we have 20% more paper now than we ever had before. It looks like paper is here to stay so below I am going to share with you my 5 simple tips on paper clutter.  How to organize it once and for all.

Tip#1 Trust.

There is a level of trust that comes with conquering your paper clutter. You need to believe that if you toss papers and then realize you need it later that you will be able to get the information from someplace else. A perfect example is the daily newspaper. Do you ever think you will re-read it?

Do you ever get around to reading it again? I bet you don’t.  Recycle your newspapers daily or save them for your wood burning fireplace. If you EVER need any of that information it is ALL online.

Tip#2 Go Paperless.

Switch to online bill payments. This stops all those bills in your mailbox and stops another tree from getting cut down.

Tip#3 Systems.

Have one system for jotting down to-dos, notes to family members and phone messages. I see many homes with little pieces of paper all over the place. These little papers get lost.

My favorite thing is the 1-to-31 Organizing System. Every piece of paper I need to deal with goes in the binder.  Phone messages, to-do’s, birthday invites, kids school notices, travel plans, etc.

Tip#4 Shred it.

Get yourself a small shredder. Make sure it crosscuts to protect your privacy. Get one that can shred about ten sheets of paper at once. You might not need that right now, however down the road it is one of the better shredders to have. Shred all unnecessary papers in your home that have any of your personal information on it. Recycle the rest. Kids love to shred.

Tip#5 Take 15.

Take 15 minutes each day. Take a small handfull of papers. Sit down. Handle each piece of paper ONCE. Deal with that piece of paper. Does it need to be tossed, shredded, or recycled? Is it a bill that needs to be paid? Set it up on automatic payment and go paperless while you are at it. Are there school notices, kids’ art work in those piles? Deal with each piece of paper ONCE.

Going through papers is not that much fun. Why not treat yourself to hands on organizing session with me. We can conquer your

paper clutter

once and for all. Before we book an appointment you get a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. In that consultation we will discuss your needs and concerns. I’ll give you some tips on how to move forward with clearing the paper clutter prior to us getting together.

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