Getting It Together for Healthy Eating

Top Ten tips

  1. Wash all vegetables as soon as you get home from shopping and before you put them away in the fridge. Cut up carrots and celery in ready to go containers.
  2. Have “master” shopping list. Make copies of the blank master and store in your 1to31 Organizing System™.
  3. Prepare large portions of soups and stews and freeze in smaller portions appropriate to your family’s needs.
  4. Make lunches the night before.
  5. Plan meals for the week and put them on your weekly plan sheet. (Check out the 1to31 Organizing System™ for more information on this.)
  6. Buy bulk nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Put together small portions to have on hand at work or for school lunch bags. Having snacks at works will stop you from being tempted by the vending machines.
  7. Organize and fill your water bottles the night before.
  8. Write the date on the lid at the time you open your condiments. This will really help you out when clearing out your fridge of expired items.
  9. Take 15 minutes to clear out your spice cabinet of all old unused spices. Keep only the fresh ones.
  10. Take 15 minutes and clear out your pantry of all old outdated items, any old junk food, any old partially opened packages and any items that you are not sure what they are.

For more detailed information on how to get organized or how to be more organized contact Rowena List.


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Amanda Baggett
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Research in Motion

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