Live Simply So Others May Simply Live – Part 2

(just in case you did not read part 1 here it is)

Have you noticed when you are traveling how much stuff people have?

Do you catch yourself traveling with loads more than you need?

Or are you the type of person who travels with a carry on only to realize that indeed you can live a week or 2 with very little?

Wouldn’t you agree that we all have more stuff than we need?

Check out this short video on “live simply so others may simply – part 2”

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Here are some interesting facts about our stuff.


People keep 30% more paper than they need……. WHY?? Is it because of fear? Is it because you do not know what to do with the papers? Is it because you think you will need/use that paper/information one day? I encourage you to not print things off of your computer unless it is absolutely mandatory. Instead, set up files on your computer to store your important papers.

What is your reason for keeping papers? Please leave your comments in the box below.

A study done by the POC (Professional Organizers of Canada) found that 70% of Canadians feel dis-organized and 20% feel they cannot relax at home because of clutter.

Your home is meant to be your sanctuary. A place you go for peace and quiet. (except if you have children running aroundJ) A place where you can “run away” from it all. How sad if you feel like you cannot relax in your own home. A cluttered home usually means a cluttered mind. Start clearing your clutter and see how much more relaxed you are.

In an effort to live simply so others may simple live follow these top 5 Getting It Together tips.

Tip #1: Let go of anything that is collecting dust. If it is collecting dust chances are you are not using it. RL1Collections are a perfect example. Imagine trying to dust this collection in the picture.You might not even be moving it from the place where it is collecting dust in order to clean in that area. For example: items sitting in a china cabinet. I know of a person who cleans their china cabinet in preparation for the Christmas holidays. She even polishes her silver! That is how she likes to spend her time and that is perfectly fine. Personally I got rid of such “high maintenance” items. How about you?

Tip #2: Let go of anything that dredges up unpleasant emotions. For example, photos of people you no longer adore. Items you are not using but storing from a deceased relative. These items are stuck energy. People often think that by tossing the items they are tossing the memories of that person. This is not true. You will always remember the people who are near and dear to you. (you’ll even remember the people who are not near and dear to you) You do not need to keep their stuff in order to honour them. You can always take a picture of the item before you give it away.

Tip #3: Let go of anything that no longer works. I am talking about electronics etc not husbands 🙂  Sadly we are in a disposable world. Most often it is more expensive to repair an item than it is to replace it.

RL5Tip #4: Let go of anything that is uncomfortable. That goes for clothing that is to tight, furniture that you never sit in because of its comfort level or shoes that you cannot walk in. Keeping uncomfortable items does not bring back the money you spent on it. Pass these items on with love.

Tip #5: Let go of anything that is causing you stress. This might mean a relationship that was once great and has now turned to not so great. Toxic relationships cause a lot of stress and mind clutter. Is it time to look for a new job? Is yours causing stress?

PS: As we close 2015 off, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support. It was a full year at Getting It Together, with a face lift to our site and the addition of our coaching services. Entrepreneurs, stay at home moms/dads, corporate Canadians/Americans are some of the few who have taken full advantage of coaching with me this past year and have experienced more passion, harmony and productivity in their lives.

So my gift to you this Holiday Season is a discovery session. If you have not grabbed yours yet please do so, as a gift to yourself. Simply contact us at to book your spot.
In the meantime, have a safe, happy, healthy and clutter free Holiday.