What To Do With Business Cards

How often do you go to a networking event only to return back to your office with a mitt full of other people’s business cards?

You then have the best of intentions to sit down at your computer, fire off a note to each persona nod connect with them on social media.

A few days go by, a week, two weeks and then a month. Then 6 months and maybe years. Those cards are still sitting on your desk or by now they may have found a new home in one of the drawers or a box.

You still have the best of intentions to contact them however you feel like too much time has gone by.

Do you even remember these people and would they remember you?

Probably not.

So why not follow these simple Getting It Together Tips on “What to do with business cards” after watching this short video.

Tip #1: Be realistic. How many people can you truly connect with at one networking event?  It is better to get one or two really great connections than a handful of cards and not know anything about the other person or their business.

Tip#2:  Schedule follow up time in your calendar. Follow up is one of the most important things you can do in your business and one of the things most entrepreneurs fall short on.

Set aside 15 minutes per week whereby you will follow up with the people you met at the last networking meeting. Connect with them on Social Media, send them a quick note and/or give them a call.
Make sure you have a purpose for connecting. Is it to discuss future business ideas, book an appointment to exchange services and/or give them a referral?

Tip#3: File the card. Do you like to be paperless or do you still like to have a Rolodex?  Either way, once you have dealt with the business cards it is time to file them away. If you are paperless you probably have a scanning system in place. Take 15 minutes each week and scan the cards and then recycle them or if you still want the card, file it in your card holder system.

Don’t have either of these set up? What a perfect time to get your 15 minute FREE discovery session. We can chat about the best system for you and I’ll give you my most favorite app.
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PS: The best time to start a new system is today. Don’t go back on all the years worth of business cards. If a card is a month or so old follow these steps. Anything older than that needs to be recycled unless you are going to connect on Social Media only.