A Stress Free Organized Move

Stress Free Organized MoveAre you getting ready for a move? Do you dream of a stress free organized move? Would you like support from the experts? How would you like to be really on top of things?

Here are my top 5 tips to a Stress Free Organized Move:

Tip#1: Hire movers. Gone are the days of trying to do everything yourself. Gone are the days of a case of beer and a bunch of your guy friends. They are all too concerned with their backs now. You are busy. Your friends and family are busy. Professional movers have all the right boxes, packing supplies, dollies and manpower. They can get you packed and moved quickly and efficiently. If something breaks they cover it. If it is pouring with rain they get wet. Professional movers are worth every penny. I know of some great ones.

Tip#2: Pack a suitcase. Pretend you are going on a 2 week camping vacation. Prior to the movers arriving, pack a suitcase with clothes, your kid’s favorite toy or doll, towels, exercise attire, toiletries and a good book. This saves you time searching in your boxes for some much needed necessities. Be sure to keep a set of sheets handy along with a place setting for each member of the family. Have a box that is labeled “open me first.” You can arrive at your new home, set up the beds, have something to eat off of and have clean clothes in the morning.

Tip#3: Start early. How long have you lived in the place you are moving from? Clutter does not happen overnight, so therefore it is not cleared overnight. There may be several items to donate, sell or give away before you move. This all takes time. One comment I hear often is “I’ll sort and purge once I move into my new place.” I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but most people NEVER get around to doing that. Do you have any unpacked boxes in your house? People seem to underestimate how long it takes to pack up a house or condo. Start early by packing non seasonal clothing, china, books and any other items that are not needed day to day. Let the movers do the rest.

Tip#4: Pack a cooler. On moving day pack a cooler filled with must have food items. Have snacks for the kids, movers and yourself. Remember some of your favorite drinks as well. Grab a bottle of Champagne. You are going to want to celebrate your stress free organized move. Ask a friend to bring over pizza or a casserole to your new home. I had a friend do this and it was a life saver. It also made me stop and take five. We had a very casual fun dinner. They helped unpack for dessert.

Tip#5: Hire an organizer. This is really the most important part of your move. You will want to do all the sorting and purging long before your moving day. Did you know a professional organizer will support you in a stress free organized move? You will save time, energy and most importantly, money. You will only move items you love, need and use. Unpacking will be a dream.

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Organizing your closet

Do you have cleaning supplies in one area, your vacuum in another, and your broom in yet another?

Would you like to have everything in one place? Ya, who wouldn’t?

Are you lucky enough to have a hall closet that can be used for all your cleaning supplies and equipment? 

If so, please take a quick moment to watch this video on organizing your closet


.  I trust you will get a few tips to help you out.

Here are a few other simple tips to follow to organizing your closet.

Tip 1. Be sure to only keep household cleaning supplies that you like and use. I made the purchasing mistake of a Swiffer vacuum. My girlfriend swears by hers. I used it a few times and did not like the results. It is time to pass it on with love. There is no need keeping items in your closet that you simply move to one side every time you need the vacuum or broom.

Tip 2. Pair down cleaning supplies. Keep what you use, need and like. Good old fashion white vinegar does the trick for most cleaning jobs. This cuts down on the number of items you need in your closet and the number of chemicals. I like the idea of keeping a small supply of cleaning supplies under each sink in the home. That way if you want to quickly clean a bathroom you have the items right there.

Tip 3. Have a limit on the number of rags you keep. I have a small basket. Once it is full that is my limit. The interesting thing about homes it that we are always accumulating more rags. You know the odd left out sock, the tea towel that has seen better days or a t-shirt that is full of holes.

Did you know it takes 40% less time to clean an organized home? If you have a housekeeping service come in that will save you money. If you are the housekeeper, that will give you extra time to relax, play with the kids, go to a movie or have a relaxing bath. Some people like the idea of cleaning one area of your home per day. Others like the idea of cleaning the whole home in one day.

What works best for you? Please leave your comments in the box below.

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