Things To Do With Old Magazines

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo of our grand daughters have started selling magazines as a school fundraiser. They both want to be TOP sellers. At the beginning of the school year we get a phone call asking us to buy, buy, buy.

We could easily get caught up in the excitement and the very reasonable price of all the magazines. The TOP sellers for the school get a prize. You know my background is in direct selling so I am all for being the TOP seller.

The key is “how many magazines can one person read per month?” I buy what magazines I want and then give them sales ideas. I think it is a win-win situation.

Check out this short video on things to do with your old magazines.

Does it bug you that your Doctor’s office has magazines from ten years ago? After reading these tips I’ll bet it won’t for long.

How many unread magazines do you have sitting on your coffee table?

Would you like to have more time to read all those magazines?

O magazineI just got off the phone with a client (let’s call her Mary) who has EVERY issue of Oprah magazine. I know other people who have the same collection. Are you one of them? This is what I suggested to her.

Tip#1: Donate. The thing is you are not going to go back and reread ALL those issues of Oprah. We are talking at least 100 issues. “Mary” thought she was going to. She even had the best of intentions to cut out the very best articles and file them. Let’s get real. Who has that kind of spare time? If you do have that kind of spare time chances are you are going to be doing something else with it. I challenged “Mary” to take an arms load to her doctor’s appointment that day. She can see a seniors centre from her apartment window. She agreed to take an arm load there this afternoon. “Mary” also has every issue of Chatelaine that her mother has given her. Her intention was to keep them for the recipes.

Guess what? Every time “Mary” needs a recipe she goes to the internet! She must have read my newsletter on “organizing your recipes”!

Tip#2: Re-Gift. If you buy one issue of a magazine and a girlfriend buys a different issue of a magazine you can swap or re-gift once you have both finished reading your magazine. This will also cut your cost in half.

Tip#3: Repurpose. “Mary” has a daughter. I’ll bet most of you have kids as well. Let your kids use the pictures in the magazines for their school projects. Do you do a goal/dream poster each year? Magazines have the best sayings and photos for that poster.

The phone call with “Mary” ended with her feeling very excited about moving forward with her magazines. You might think it is a small step, however it is a step in the right direction to clearing the unwanted clutter. Think before you bring in more magazines. Will you have time to read it? Is it a magazine you still enjoy reading? Can you get it online?

Put down the magazine and contact me for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. We will discuss your “hotspots” and any magazine challenges you might be having.

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How To Slow Down And Savour Your Food

How often do you stand in the kitchen and eat your meals?

How often do you miss a meal? “I’m too busy to eat.”

How often do you get indigestion?

This is all crazy making. The fact that we are too busy, too rushed or maybe to disorganized to eat properly is crazy. Eating is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies next to proper sleep and shelter. Yes it takes time, planning and preparation in order to be prepared for meal time. These ideas take just a little time and a little organization. Your body is worth it. Isn’t it?

Check out this short video on how to slow down and savor your food.

Next time you are getting ready for a meal please try these top Getting it Together’s 5 tips.

Tip#1 Stop. For just a moment and really appreciate what is on your plate. Be grateful for what you are about to eat. (Hopefully it is something really healthy and yummy.)

Tip#2 Breathe. Take a moment and really examine your breath. Are you breathing short shallow breaths or are they long deep ones. If they are short, take a minute and do 3-5 really deep breaths. This will help you to slow down and enjoy your meal.

Tip#3 Chew. Chewing slowly encourages proper digestion. Chewing slowly allows you to really savour the flavours of the food you are eating. If you are a dinner guest chewing slowly shows your host or hostess that you are appreciating the tastes and effort it took them to make the meal.

Tip#4 Sit. Even if you are dinning alone sitting at the table is so very important.

You are important so set a place for yourself. No more eating in the car, eating on the run, eating standing up or worse yet eating in front of the TV. The experts say that sitting down to meals increases your chances of losing weight. (If indeed you need/want to lose weight.)

Tip#5 Set the stage. Get yourself a nice placemat, light the candles, turn on some nice music. Turn OFF the TV. And above all please do not answer the phone unless you are expecting an emergency call.

So often I will call a home and the person claims on the other end of the phone that they are right in the middle of dinner. I have never understood why people answer their phones when they cannot talk. (That is a whole different article). I was in a home the other day and they have a big sign on the fridge: “No phones one hour prior to dinner or during.” What I love about this message is that it was written by the young daughter. Do you think she might have been frustrated by the lack of communication at her family dinner table?

Whether you are dinning with yourself or your whole family these tips are a great way to slow down, connect, savour and enjoy your food and meals.

Give these TIPS a try and let me know some of your most favourite dinning experiences.

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