Confessions Of A Professional Organizer – Part 5

Every year without fail the magazine companies feature articles on getting organized.  It is one of the top New Year’s resolutions.

Most of the information isn’t anything new.

Why is it that the magazine companies keep repeating the same message?

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In the meantime, check out this short video on Confessions Of A Professional Organizer, part 5

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Confessions Of A Professional Organizer: Part 1

Confessions Of A Professional Organizer: Part 1

Do you find it hard to believe that a professional organizer has anything to toss out?

Do you struggle with tossing things out?

Do you struggle with what to do with your photos?

Check out this short video on Confessions of a Professional Organizer then check out the following tips from Getting It Together:

Tip 1: It’s important to know your limit. I have one Rubbermaid container that holds all my photos/photo albums. If the lid doesn’t shut then it’s time to downsize some of the photos. This is what happened recently when I brought a photo album home from my mom’s place.

Tip 2: Like me, you might have pictures of people from your past that are no longer in your life. If you look at a picture and it brings you joy keep it. If you look at a picture and it doesn’t bring you joy then it’s time to toss it. Also keep in mind, how many pictures do you need to tell the story?

Are you wondering why I wouldn’t digitalize all my photos?

I enjoy holding the actual photo album or the pictures and flipping through them. I find that I hardly ever look at pictures that are on my computer. We have so much time on our computers that it’s important to step away from them. My photo albums help with that.

Of course, all the pictures that I take with my digital camera or phone are on my computer and I don’t print them. The photos that are in my Rubbermaid go back from pre-digital pictures. Maybe one day I might digitize them all.

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And check out

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How To Organize Your Music?

Do you have more than one place to play music?

Are you keeping CD’s just in case? Just in case are the three deadliest words.

Would you like to streamline your music once and for all?

I did just that while we were in quarantine.

I personally have all my Cd’s downloaded on my computer which are also on my iPod.

I have a Google Home. And I have free music on my phone.

Way too much!!

All the cd’s went to donate.

The iPod is in the closet for travel and may find its way to donate before long as I can use my phone. What are your thoughts on that?

Check out this short video by Getting It Together on How To Organize Your music

And for fun, check out this short video from 10 years ago on How To Organize Your Cd’s

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How To Organize While in Quarantine – Part 4

Are you wondering when life will get back to the way it was?

Are you trying to adjust to our new normal? I know I am.

I had a couple of areas in my condo that needed addressing. My school yearbooks. I’ve moved them three times over the years. Never again! They take up valuable real estate and I don’t look at them. What’s the point of keeping them?

Check out this short video on How To Organize a While in Quarantine part-4

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