How to Organize Your Passwords

Fess up! How often do you forget a password?

Do you have several different passwords you use for several different sites?

Can you imagine having just ONE password for everything?

Have you ever wished there was one secure place to store all of your passwords?

Well there is.

Check out this short video on How to Organize your Passwords for the latest Getting It Together tips.

Now that you have watched this video it is time to organize and set up all of your passwords.

Here are the four simple steps:

1. You will want to make a list of all the passwords you have and what company they are attached to.

2. Then you will want to double check that the passwords you have still works and that you still really want to be a part of that site or company. You may have set up passwords for site that you needed at one time and have since found that you no longer require that site.

I found that I had passwords set up for things I no longer needed or used. DELETE! There is no need keeping records of things you no longer need or use.

3. Next, you will want to set up your account with

4. Lastly you input all of your passwords into

Once all your passwords are inputted you can lock it up.

The best thing about is you can access your passwords from anywhere in the world as long as you remember your ONE and only master password.

If you feel you might forget that one master password then you will want to write it down in a secure, safe place. You might even want to write it out backwards so only you know what it means. Look how successful Oprah has been using her name backwards. Her production company is Harpo. 😀

old passwordsAs part of my estate organizing services I am recommending my clients write out their passwords on a piece of paper and keep it in their safety deposit box. This is helpful information that your executor might need.

What did you think of the way I use to keep my passwords?

Looking forward to hearing your comments on storing passwords. Please leave them in the box below.

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What is a professional organizer?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a professional organizer?

Have you ever wondered what does a professional organizer do?

Have you ever wondered how a professional organizer got started in the profession?  (This is the question I get asked the most.)

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A Professional organizer supports, empowers and encourages their clients through the non-judgmental process of sorting, purging and storing of unwanted and wanted items. A Professional organizer provides hands-on services. A professional organizer coaches and transfers organizing skills to help clients develop appropriate and lasting solutions for their individual needs. A professional organizer follows up and is always there for you….on time.

Some of the services I specialize in are:

Residential Hands-On Organizing: De-cluttering and organizing garages, storage lockers, closets, bedrooms, kitchens, kids rooms and home offices just to name a few. I can also support and encourage you with space planning, closet design and storage solutions. And then there are the projects of sorting and organizing memorabilia and photos. Basically if it has anything to do with organizing, I do it.

Other services I provide are: time management, goal setting, packing and moving and productivity coaching.

I also conduct seminars, workshops and keynote speaking engagements.

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