Permanently Reduce Clutter

How would you like to spend less but feel like you have more while you

permanently reduce clutter?

Do you wish your bank balance was higher than it is?

Are you surrounded by stuff?

I have always admired people like the late Lady Dianna. She dressed with simple elegance. Oh yeah, she had a huge wardrobe because she was a princess however her style was elegant and simple. I’ll bet if she were not a princess she would have had a modest closet filled with a few key items of clothing. The type of clothing items that mix and match so well together. That is my goal for you as well. As the French would say “you do not need a lot of clothes you just need a great imagination.”

These tips would also work when decorating your home. Simple yet elegant.

Where else do you think these tips would work well in your life?

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Read on to get ten simple tips to

permanently reduce clutter



Tip 1. Use the 6-12 month rule.  If you haven’t worn or used it in 6-12 months, get rid of it. Pass it on with love. The only exception to this rule is that one elegant evening dress in the back of your closet waiting for a fancy dance or cruise. If it is a classic it will not go out of style. If you stay the same size it will fit!

You might even have an item in your home that comes out for the rare occasions. You know the tray that holds deviled eggs.

Tip 2.  Align values with spending.  I value good/organic food, my health and travel to name a few. So, I know that planning and paying for a vacation, getting a massage, or going shopping at one of my favorite specialty shops is aligned with my values. Knowing what you value makes it much easier to make or not to make spending decisions.

Tip 3. Stick to a shopping list. This will help you with not getting side tracked.  Take a shopping list with you when you go to buy groceries or clothes.  When you know what you are looking for you will save time and money. The most organized people do not just aimlessly wonder around shops. They have a mission and stick to it. Now that does not mean you do not go window shopping with a friend once in awhile. Hey we all need that fix with one of our BF”s

Tip 4.  The 24-hour rule. We have all heard this one before. I think Oprah even uses this rule. Imagine with all of her money. Think about your purchase for 24 hours. If you still feel you need/want it after 24 hours go back and make the purchase. If you feel you can live without that item after 24 hours you have just saved yourself some money.  This eliminates the spontaneous purchases. I also like to shop at places that have a no fuss return policy. For example an item of clothing might look great in the store lighting. You get it home and the colour is not at all what you thought.

Tip 5.  Create a do-not-spend day.  Are you old enough to remember when stores were not open on Sundays? Or when late night shopping was only on Friday nights. Ah, the good old days. I use to work in the mall when this was my reality. (Okay, I know I am dating myself now) however one day without spending can add up.  Choose a day each week and make that your do-not-spend day.  Instead, get creative with all the fun free things you can do. Pack your own lunch or snacks and take a thermos with your hot drink in it. Your mind, body and bank account will thank you!

Tip 6.  Stop keeping up with the Jones. Why is it that humans have the need to keep up with the Jones? Who started this anyway? The Jones do not care what you have or how you spend your money so why should we care with keeping up with them? I know it is a saying however imagine if we all lived simple so others may simple live? The only person you need to impress is yourself. Think of how great you will feel if you only bought what you really needed, used and loved. You bank account will love you too.

Tip 7.  Analyze your spending for a week.  Keep track of each item you buy. At the end of the week ask yourself if it was something you really needed, will be using and love. If not then ask yourself this question “what was the purpose of buying this item” If you cannot come up with a strong answer it might be time to return it. I’ll bet you will not have many if any of these purchases if you follow the above tips especially the 24 hour rule.

Tip 8.  The This/That Question.  Unless you have an endless supply of money and even if you do I’ll bet you do not want clutter. Ask yourself this question. “If I buy this I cannot have that” “If I go on a fancy vacation I cannot have a new living room set.” Keeping in mind that this style of living will eliminate debt. Once again your bank account will love you for this. Credit card debt or overdraft debt can cause so much stress. You might not think that it is but it is!

Tip 9.  Have gratitude.  My life has always run smoother when I have kept a gratitude journal. I would highly recommend keeping one. Each day write down 5 things you are grateful for. It might be that you can see or that you can buy a new purse for Fall or that your family’s health is good. You’ll be hard pressed to stop at 5 things each day.

One of the best books I read was called “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I first read this book back in 1998 and re read it every year for three years. It is time I did that again.  Do not get me wrong. I did not do all the activities Sarah suggested. I feel you would need to be superwoman to do that and none of us are. However the best part was all about gratitude. It is a one page read each day and well worth it.

Let me know if you have read it. Leave your comments in the box below.

Tip 10. Be kind to yourself.  My Birthday gift to myself this year was that I would be kind to myself. That means being kind to my body, mind and spirit. It means watching my self talk. It means giving myself permission to be human. Hey we all make purchasing mistakes however if we are aware of these ten tips we will make fewer of them.

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Selling Your Stuff Online: The Top 5 “How To” Tips

How much stuff do you have in your home that you think you can sell?

Do you have items that you have not used for one, two or even three years?

Do you have other people’s stuff in your home that you would like to sell?

Most people think it is a hassle selling your stuff online

I do not think this is true…if you are organized and have a plan.

Please watch this short video to get some of my number one tips on selling your stuff online.

I like to use Craigslist as my primary place to sell your stuff. You can also look at KIJIJI or EBAY.

This is a service I offer for my clients.

I’ll take the photos, list the items, write the description, arrange for viewings, and collect the CASH and any other details that need to be taken care of.

Keep in mind these Top 5 “How To” Tips when selling your stuff.

#1 Condition of the item. It needs to be in excellent working order. Would you want to buy something online and then find out it does not work or parts are missing? Your items need to be in good condition. A few scratches on an older bookshelf are acceptable.

#2 Popularity of item. How popular is this item. Is it in vogue? Is there a need for this item? For example cell phones are a dime a dozen on Craigslist. If you want your cell phone to sell you need to make sure you use all 5 of my key tips in place. Let your ad stand out from the crowd.

#3 Good Pricing. This is a must when it comes to selling your stuff. People want a great deal. How fast do you want to sell your stuff? Pricing will determine this. If you do not get bites right away you need to adjust your pricing. If you have not had any inquiries in a few days you need to adjust your pricing. If an item does not sell in a week or so you need to look at other options. Things move FAST on Craigslist. If you want your price to be FIRM you need to mention that in your ad.

Selling your stuff#4 Good Pictures. As you can see in the picture of the porcelain dolls you need good photos that show off details. Good lighting helps as well. If you are selling a TV stand be sure to remove any “clutter” from the stand. The buyer might think those items are for sale along with the TV and the stand.

#5 Good descriptions. This is important especially if there are other items in the photo. Be clear on what is for sale. Give measurements, colour, age, original price, and any other details that you can think of that would make the sale. If it is a couch were there any pets on it? Was it in a non-smoker’s home? Do you provide delivery? I always let my buyers know how much “man” power they will need. I do not want to be responsible for lifting heavy items in to a person’s truck. These are good details your buyer will want to know.  

Once you get inquiries, set up your appointments on a fist come first serve basis. I take emails