Places You Should Never Store Anything

One of my goals is to keep my clients safe. I think you would all agree this is a good thing.

Having too much clutter can really be dangerous and unsafe.

Think about if there was a fire. Would you be able to get out of your home in a timely, safe manner?

If paramedics needed to come to your home, would they be able to safely enter?

Do you have trip zones?

Take a look at the short simple video on “Places You Should Never Store Anything”

And carry on reading the Getting It Together Top 3 Tips.

#1: Never store anything above your bed. You might think having floating shelves about the bed is a good idea until something falls off of the shelf in the middle of the night and hits you in the head. Ouch!

This goes for your kids rooms as well.

I see it all the time. A book shelf above the bed or a shelf for stuffed animals (ok, not so bad as they would not hurt you) even still; I do not recommend any shelving above a bed.

#2: Never store anything under the bed. Just think of all the dust that will collect unless you are willing to remove all the items under the bed once a week when you vacuum. I see a lot of people store spare blankets or clothes under the bed.  Do you really need those things? Have you long forgotten they were there? Is it time to pass them on with love?

#3: For sure, never store anything beside your furnace and hot water tank. Repair men need to be able to get to these at a moment’s notice.  Has your hot water tank ever leaked? You know what happens then and it is not pretty. Keep these areas clear.

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