Packing Tips – for a stress free productive move

Would you like to have a stress free move?

Do you need to downsize but procrastinate?

Human nature is to take the path of least resistance. For this very reason people hold off moving/packing until the last possible moment. This is why we have people in their 80’s and 90’s that are still living in the family home even if it is too big or too much upkeep.

Check out this short video on packing tips when getting ready to move.

Here is a general guideline for packing. Adjustments can be made based on what you are packing and where you are moving to. Local moves are just slightly different from long haul moves.


You will want to make sure you have all your supplies handy and ready to go before starting to pack.

Boxes and packing materials.

You can “rent” cardboard boxes from most moving companies or you can get cardboard boxes from your local grocery store. If you would like to go “GREEN” you can use Frogbox drops off reusable boxes at your door and picks them up once you are finished your unpacking. Great motivation to unpack your boxes ASAP.

Get white unprinted clean paper, bubble wrap, any old towels and sheets. (Frogbox supplies paper with their boxes.)

Purchase some good sealing tape. I prefer to not use a tape gun as I find them more hassle than they are worth. Just tape and a good pair of scissors. Be sure to leave your comments on this topic once you have watched the video.

Be sure to have labels and a few black felt markers. The better your boxes are labeled the better the unpack goes. You might even want to use different coloured labels for each room.

Prohibited Items.

Do not pack any flammable or dangerous items. Propane tanks, paint, lighter fluid, matches, bleach, acid batteries, charcoal, chemistry sets or pool chemicals are all prohibited. Do not pack aerosol cans containing oven cleaner, hair spray, lighter fluid, antiperspirants or spray paints. These items could explode and cause damage to your belongings. (This is especially important for long haul moves.)


Jewellery, coin collections, currency, stocks, bonds, precious stones, stamp collections, deeds, notes or any other items that have exceptional value should not be packed in with all your “regular”  household items. Take special care and pack this yourself. Make arrangements for you to transfer them. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.


Try to pare down as much as possible prior to your move. Use up all the frozen food items, condiments and fresh produce. If your move is local, use a cooler to transfer these items. Be mindful of your plants.


Have all your supplies ready in one area. Stay focused to one room at a time. Only pack what you love, use and need. This is a perfect time to be ruthless. I am doing a serious downsize. Each item I pick up I ask myself “will this fit in 600 sq feet?” If not, out it goes.

Keep as many “like” items together as possible. For example, if you are dismantling curtains/blinds or a bed keep all the hardware together with those items. Ziploc bags are perfect for this. You can see what is inside and they are sturdy.

Keep all boxes to a moderate weight. Label “HEAVY” if it is books or other such heavy items.

Seal open containers prior to packing. You would hate to arrive at your new home to find rice or cereal dumped out in a box of pantry items.

Place liquids in a sealed bag. For example your shampoo or dish detergent. Again that would be a mess to come across.

China and glassware needs to be packed standing on edge as opposed to lying down. Plates can easily break if they are laying flat. If you have old sheets or towels use these for packing your fragile items. I like to put a pillow on top of my fragile items for extra cushioning. Label “FRAGILE”.

Pack lamps separate from their shades.

Keep electronics and all the parts in one box. For example, pack your computer with all the cords, etc.

Mattresses. Use a mattress bag for extra protection. Let’s hope it does not rain/snow on moving day.

Use your empty suitcases for things like clothes, linens or pillows.

Use strong packing tape to bundle groups of garden tools or things like mops and brooms.


Package well with bubble wrap. Keep them standing up on edge. Same goes for glass table tops or mirrors.


Try to keep “like” toys together. A box of dolls, a box of trucks, a box of Leggo, etc.


When is storage necessary? What should you store? What should you not store? Contact me and we will discuss this. All my clients are eligible for 25% of their first month of storage with

These are just some of the basics packing tips. Please contact me for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your upcoming move. I specialize in downsizing, moving, packing and unpacking. I have an endless “LIST” of contacts. Fabulous consignments stores, professional moving companies, insurance representatives…just to name a few.

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Questions to ask yourself before buying organizing products

Save time and money.

Most people feel that if they buy baskets and rubber containers that they will be organized.

Does that sound like you?

That is like thinking that because you bought a gym membership you will get fit. Logically we know this not to be true however we wish it were true. Imagine if you had a magic wand or if you were like Bewitched and could wiggle your nose and voila!! The only magic wand you have is your own motivation. Your own “why” you wanting to do something. By taking advantage of my FREE phone session we will be able to come up with your “why.” Book yours today.

Buying organizing products is like putting the cart before the horse.

Check out this short video on “questions to ask yourself before buying organizing products” to learn what you need to do first.

Clear boxesLong before you head out to the store you will want to do all of the purging, downsizing, sorting, tossing and de-cluttering. Once you have finished all of that you can start to think of products you will need to store your belongings in.

Ask yourself these top 5 questions before you take the time to go shopping and make the purchase.

1. Will this product be easy to clean? It might look like a cool way to organize XYZ however will it be easy to clean. Does it have small corners that even the smallest of fingers could not get into? Does it have grooves that will only collect dust?
Hanging organizer
2. Will I really use this product? Do not buy on impulse or because it is “cute.” You cannot believe the number of cosmetic bags I find in people’s homes. It is because people like the look of them and think that by owning a cosmetic bag it will get them organized. Or travel organizers. Or earring holders. Sometimes items like earring holders are more frustrating than they are worth. Realistically will you take the backs off of your earrings each night and poke them through the tiny holes on an earring holder and then put the backs back on? If you do not think you will realistically do this then go with a different style of organizer. For years I used ice cube trays in my drawer to divide my earrings. Now I have a hanging earring holder. So easy and takes up so little space.

3. How sturdy is the organizing product? The earring holder I have mentioned in the above tip is sturdy however it is not going to last a lifetime. The plastic will eventually rip with wear and tear. Because they are so reasonably priced I will be able to replace it. That being said, the ice cube trays really did work the best. Due to living with fewer drawers in a smaller space I had to come up with this other method.

4. How will this product improve the visibility of my stuff? So many homes I work in have those pant hangers or skirt hangers that hold up to 4 or 5 items. These hangers seem good in theory however realistically you cannot see all of the skirts or pants you have on them. Same with those round rings that hold belts. You have all your belts in one place but each time you want a belt you have to take all the other belts off the circle. Sounds frustrating to me especially first thing in the morning when you are getting ready for work and might be running late due to disorganization in your life. In the end you might forgo wearing a belt.

5. Will the organizing product fit in the space you need it for? I carry a tape measure with me everywhere I go. When I do client shopping I have my list of measurements alongside my list of needed items. I also take photos of the area in which I am needing the organizing item to fit in to. Hey, you are getting all of my top trade secrets. 🙂

There are no organizing products that solve all of our clutter issues. All products are dependent on the behaviors and systems you are willing to do and keep up. Are you using the product as a tool?

P.S. The best compliment you can give me is to pass this article on to your family and friends. Thanking you in  advance for doing so.