Top 10 Tips To Being Organized And Put More Money In Your Pocket

One of the costs of clutter is money. Being disorganized can break the bank in more ways than one.

Do you catch yourself buying things because you

  1. A) Cannot find them in your home or
  2. B) Cannot remember if you have that item or
  3. C) You were so rushed in the morning that you did not make a lunch?

Would it be great if everything had a home and you could find what you were looking for in 20 seconds or less?

Check out this short video on The Top 10 Tips To Being Organized And Put More Money In Your Pocket.

Then read on for Getting It Togethers’ Top 10 Tips To Being Organized And Put More Money In Your Pocket.

Tip #1. Take your lunch. Get yourself organized by making your lunch the night before. I know we have all heard this one before but it is worth repeating. When you are organized it takes as little as 3-5 minutes to make a lunch for yourself. Not only is it healthier it is also going to save you big bucks. (well over $75.00 a week)

Tip #2. Avoid late-payment fees. Let’s get you a system in place so you no longer miss payments and get charged late fees. Setting up the system will take about 30 minutes. Well worth it don’t you think?

Tip #3. Call your local phone company to see if you have the best plan possible. Plans are always changing and most companies are willing to negotiate a new plan for you at no extra cost. I was able to lower my phone bill be 10.00 a month. That is 120.00 a year back in my pocket. This will take less than 5 minutes as long as you are not put on hold J If you are put on hold, take that time to toss out some old papers that have been piling up.

Tip #4. Call your local cable company and ask them the same thing. Are you really watching all 500 channels? Can you get a better “package?” This will take about the same amount of time as the above tip.

Tip #5. Pay your credit card off in full each month. Be organized with your online banking so you do not miss a payment. This takes 3 minutes to set up and can save you hundreds of dollars in interest fees.

Tip #6. Plan your meals for the week. This avoids running into the grocery store several times a week. Not only does this save you huge amounts of time it saves on impulse buying. Take 15 minutes once a week to plan your meals and make your shopping list. And yes, I can help you with this by giving you simply easy dinner menu items for you and your family.

Tip #7. Plan ahead when traveling by taking your own snacks on the plane. Airport food is overpriced. Just think of what a bottle of water costs in an airport!

Tip #8. Be organized and save money by purchasing your sunscreen ahead of time. Tourist shops increase the prices for people who forget their sunscreen at home.

Tip #9. Sell unwanted items in your home before they are no good to anyone else. Perfect example of this is items that get outdated like furniture and clothing. I know you are keeping them “just in case” however this is where you need to get ruthless and ask yourself “would I replace this item if it was lost in a flood or fire?” If not, then it is time to pass it on.

Tip #10. Repurpose greeting cards that are sent to you. Cut the front off (picture part) and glue it to a new piece of paper.Voila! a new card. Great way to repurpose your kids’ art work too. Use it for wrapping paper or make cards out of them.

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