How To Organize In A Quarantine – Part 2

Check out this short video  on How To Organize In A Quarantine. Part 2 then read my talented Toastmasters friends Poem.

Staying at home, being quiet can bring out some of your talents and creativity. It sure did for this person, don’t you think?

Corona virus poem

As I sits here in self isolation away from my friends

I think of what I can do until the quarantine ends.

I look all around me there’s plenty to clean

I could scrub and disinfect until all is a gleam

Or I could go out to shop buy things that we need

But the shelves are all empty so unlikely to succeed.

Its funny how toilet paper is so popular these days

There must be some people using it in unimaginable ways.

People are staying at home and learning to cook

Using an internet recipe or an old recipe book

I look out of the window thinking what should I do

And that’s when I see sky in a beautiful blue hue


Outside is so sunny , so warm and so bright

I decide to go out and enjoy all the light.

I sit on the front porch in my adorondack chair

Looking out on the street I see something quite rare.

The neighbor is out with his kids all in tow

Other families are biking all in a row

There are joggers and skaters and kids towed in a cart

Of course they are all keeping 6 feet apart

Another neighbor I haven’t seen for some time

Walks by, gives a wave and hopes all is just fine.

There’s gardeners outside pulling up weeds

Others are mowing , pruning and planting some seeds.

One kid is up climbing so high up a tree

Reminds me of childhood. Oh I was so free.

The sidewalk and roadway has pictures of chalk

A man and his wife take their dog for a walk,



Its refreshing to see the neighborhood so alive

I guess Covid 19 brought everyone outside.


And that’s when I realize that in this odd Spring

Its teaching us to appreciate some simpler thing

Like being a good neighbor, family member and friend

We’re in this together until this pandemic’s end.


Written by AM of Coquitlam BC Canada

Permission to use was granted.


PS: We are 4-6 weeks in quarantine. Have you checked off several of your “To Dos”?

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