Top 7 Together Tips For Getting It Together For a Shopping Spree

You might find it interesting that Getting It Together would encourage shopping. We encourage shopping for what you NEED. Once you learn and embrace the philosophies of Success Without Struggle™, you will find that the only time you shop is out of need. Just think of all the time and money you will save plus all the other fun activities you can do instead of shopping!

Ask yourself: Are you consciously consuming or are you being consumed?

Only go shopping with a list. How many times have you gone to the grocery store without a list, only to come home and find you already had some of the items in your cupboard? You will save so much more time and money if you shop with a list.

Let’s say it is time to shop for some new clothes. Here are top 7 Together Tips to having a successful and productive shopping spree.

Together Tips

  1. Clear your closet before you go. Clean out all the clothes that do not fit; clothes that you do not like, or clothes that you have not worn in a year. Hire a professional organizer to make this task way more fun and productive. For more hints on how to clean out your closet take a look at Three Easy Steps To Getting Your Closet Together.
  2. Now, take inventory of your wardrobe. What do you need in order to “finish off” or “complete” your look? You may need to make categories: work, home, eveningwear, exercise clothes, etc. This would be the perfect time to hire an image consultant.
  3. Go shopping with your list.
  4. Be sure to only go shopping with a trusted friend and go to a boutique or store you know and respect. Some image consultants will even go shopping with you. You will save time and money in the long run.
  5. Never buy because of price. It is better to buy a few high quality items than many low quality mismatched items. You have not saved money if you never wear it!
  6. Always ensure your lipstick is on. This will finish off any new look you are going for.
  7. When shopping for large ticket items, like cars, appliances and furniture – be sure to do price comparisons before buying. Most of this can be done from home on the phone or internet. This is a huge time and money saver.

Keep in mind that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. How many items do you really need? Nothing takes on value unless it is being used.

Now, what are you going to do with that free time?

Rowena List is an Image Organizer™, motivational speaker, CD author, writer, trainer and mentor in the fields of personal and business development. Based on her own personal trade secrets, Rowena provides training, coaching, tools and support for creating healthy reflections from the outside in. She focuses on “enhancing faces and clearing spaces” to provide the energy, productivity and confidence that are the foundations for her unique approach to Success Without Struggle™.

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