Getting Your Office Together

How many hours a day are you in your office? If it’s more than you care to share, than your office needs to be a place not only of work … but of refuge.

Take a minute and think of 5 key words you’d like to use to describe your office. For example, you might want to describe it as inviting, cozy, tidy, intuitive and organized. These 5 key words are the goals on which you can now take action.



Excluding your computer and phone, clear off the top of your desk. Put everything in a box (you’ll use this box later so keep it handy!). Wipe your desk down and get rid of all those nasty dust bunnies.


To keep your desk tidy and useable for the long run, you need a working system. Ask yourself these primer questions. Do you need:

  • An area for files?
  • An area for incoming messages and “to do’s”? (check out for help on this!)
  • A working area that’s bigger? How big?

Now set up these different “stations” on the top of your desk or in certain areas of your office and keep those spaces dedicated. Remember, overlaps cause confusion and mayhem.


Now go back to the box you used in Tip #1 and take out every item and put it in it’s ‘new’ place. File items that need to be filed, toss items that are no longer needed and delegate anything you can.


Take time to organize and purge your inbox. Set up folders for only those areas and subject matter you use most often. If you can, your email folders should correspond with the names of your real world files and folders (this will save you time trying to find things later). Delete emails you no longer need. Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer read. Be ruthless.

GIT Bonus point: Learn how to setup email filters for certain emails that you want to keep but don’t need to immediately access. Have the filter redirect the email to the folders you created in Tip # 4.


Now that your office is organized and you have your systems in place, it’s time to institute a new personal policy. Take 15 minutes at the end of each work day to clear off your desk, put things back and set-up for the next morning. This will make your office and desk so much more inviting.

To make this a habit, schedule this as an end of day appointment so you remember to do it! After 20 days, it will be hard not to do!

Don’t let your office become a dumping ground for you or others. Keep those 5 key words handy. Now that you’ve dreamed them – live them!

Don’t delay, start today. Getting started (and Getting It Together) is where it all begins.

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