How to Organize Your Kids

Is clutter affecting your health or the health of your children?

Do you trip over toys, backpacks or had a stack of papers fall all over the place?

Many kids today feel stressed, rushed or disorganized. They have so many activities and more demands on them at school that the more organized they are the better.

Kids need to be kids…..however, living in a disorganized environment will cause stress at any age not to mention the affect clutter has on your health.

There is also a level of embarrassment that comes with living in chaos especially if your kids want to have their friends over.

Check out this short video on How to Organize Your Kids and then read on for Getting It Togethers Top 5 Tips

Tip #1 Monkey see…Monkey do.

If you want order in your home, you need to teach it to your children.  Kids feel important if they are a part of the solution – not the problem. Get them involved.

Tip #2 Kids can get very confused if you say to them “go pick up your toys” when they have toys all over the place. That is why it is best to have a toy “zone” Keep all their toys in one area of the home. Why not try this great tip when it is time to get your kids to clean up their toys?:  Have them go through the toy zone area and pick up only red toys; then, when they’re finished that, have them go and get all their blue toys or all their Lego.  This keeps things simple for them and clutter free.

Tip #3 Is it time to donate some of their toys?  Get your kids involved in the clearing of all their unused toys.  Put them in a box for the less fortunate.  They can do the same thing with their clothes and so can you! (If your children are really young you might want to do this tip while they are sleeping or at a play date)

Tip#4 Keep things simple when shopping for school supplies. Are there things from last year that can be used again this year? Backpacks, paper, pens etc.

This will save money in the long run if your children are taught how to reuse. It will also save you shopping time.

Tip #5 Have a basket for each child that holds  their school notices, backpack and homework. Take 5 minutes at the end of the day to see what notices need to be signed and returned. This will save the rush first thing in the morning. If you are rushed and stressed chances are your children will be to. The morning sets the tone for the day.

To keep things clutter free and organized for the kids Birthdays, Christmas, Grad, etc., why not try the following bonus tip:

Ask family and friends to donate money to one of your child’s favorite Charities.  Get your children involved with the Charity so that they can see first-hand how their “gift” is being put to use.

Imagine how easy it will be for you and your children to attend a Birthday party in the future.

In the mean time teach your children “a place for everything and everything in its place” and that “less is more”. The “less is more” concept sure helps on the pocket book. I am sure that once your children get organized and clutter free, you will find they are less stressed, have a better attention span and are happier and healthier. I’ll bet you will be too!

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