How to Reduce Your Fast Fashion Imprint

Do you buy based on price or need?

Fast fashion refers to an unsustainable apparel-making method that produces inexpensive clothing rapidly in response to the latest style trends.

It’s destroying our environment!82635b5a-a5c6-437d-9bbe-d3120fe46d1a

Check out this short video on How To Reduce Your Fast Fashion Imprint then read on for Getting It Togethers Top 5 Tips

Tip1. Buy less clothing. How many pairs of black pants does a gal need? How many five-dollar T-shirts does a kid need? Buy what you need not what you want.

Tip 2. By higher quality clothes that will last longer. If you’re creative you could always make some things.

Tip 3. Invest in timeless, core wardrobe pieces that you can build around.

Tip 4. Take the time to research what you are buying, where it’s made and by whom. Companies like forever 21, Walmart, and Joe fresh support slave labour in places like Bangladesh where the worker is only making $68 a month. This is not even a living wage in their country. 4f7c1017-1f75-44e3-85bf-bcb09f571069

Do the math:
$5.00 t-shirt, = 50% goes to the retailer
25% goes to the brand
25% goes to the overhead, manufacturing and then labour

Tip 5. Wash your clothes less often and stay clear of clothes that need to be dry cleaned if it all possible. Washing clothes takes years off it’s life.

e8bd8749-8ba4-44d1-aa28-1b568700d5c5Together we can make a difference if we at least all try to do our best to stay away from as much fast fashion as we possibly can.

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