Top 5 Tips To Getting And Staying Organized

Do you long to be more organized?1

Have you ever wondered why some people are organized while others are not?

Why some people have the natural talent of getting and staying organized and some people don’t have that natural talent.

The great news is that you can learn the skills it takes to get and stay organized.  It might mean working with a professional organizer for a period of time to gain the skills and habits.

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Read on for Getting It Togethers’ top 5 tips to getting and staying organized.

What area of your home is bugging you the most? Start with this area to de-clutter, purge and sort. Take 15 minutes and use these tips below to finally get organized and keep it that way!

Tip #1: Purpose. Pick up one item and ask yourself this question ”what is the purpose of keeping this?”  If it is a teapot and you make and drink tea everyday then you know the purpose of keeping it.

If for example it is a T-shirt from high school all torn and the wrong size then what is the purpose of keeping it? I know what you’re thinking “well I loved high school, I had so much fun in high school…” Keep the memory and toss the T. (Take a photo of you wearing the T- shirt if you really must).

Tip #2: Value. What is the value of keeping that particular item?  Storage lockers are one of the fastest growing businesses in North America.

Do you have items in a storage locker?

Are the items taking on any value by being in there? Most people do not even know what is in their lockers yet they 2continue to pay the monthly bill.

Maybe it is time to sort through these items and ask yourself “what is the purpose and value of keeping them.” Once your locker is empty you could put that extra money towards a trip, donations or home renovations.

Tip #3: Ruthless. It is so important to be ruthless while clearing the clutter and getting organized.

This is where lots of people get stuck, because everything you touch has a story attached to it. You have emotional attachments to your things. As a Professional Organizer I don’t have the same attachment to your things. I have an attachment to the outcome. This is why I can support you in moving forward.

I know how much better you will feel once your home is organized. I know how much more time you will have. You’ll have less stress too!

Tip #4: Stop. This is where a new habit will be formed. You will need to stop bringing items into your home. Don’t buy items unless you really need them. Don’t buy because it’s on sale. Or because you think you might need it “one day”.

Ask family and friends to please stop buying you things unless it’s something you really need and will use.  The best gifts are consumable. Fancy teas, coffee, candles, spa packages, dinner gift certificates and so on. I made a deal with all of my friends and family members. We create memories together instead of buying things. It sure makes gift giving a lot less stressful and way more fun.

Tip #5: Faith. Have faith in yourself. Have faith knowing that the things you need will always be around you when you need them. Have faith that if you pass something on you will not need it “someday”. Someday is not a day of the week.

It is so disempowering to think that you might need it, “what if I need it, maybe I will need it.” When you are clear on your future direction you will not want to live in the past.

Getting and staying organized takes time. The first time you start you might not be as ruthless as the second and third time. Remember, it took many years to get disorganized. It will not get organized overnight. It is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Each time you de-clutter you peel back another layer.

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