Top 10 Things to Consider When Designing a Custom Closet


Before Picture

Have you ever thought to yourself “why can I not get my closets organized?”

Do you dream of a walk in closet that looks like the ones in the magazines?

Getting your closets organized is a combination of things.

Firstly you might have too much stuff in too small a space or it could be that the design of the closet is not the best use of space or it could be a combination of both. What is your situation?

So let’s say you have downsized all of your closets and things are still not fitting in. Then what!

Is it time to bring in the big guns and get some custom closets installed?

RL2You will be amazed at how the custom closet companies can make the best use of the space you have. You might even end up with double the hanging space.

I work very closely with a company here in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. Their work is professional and guaranteed. If you are interested in hearing more please contact me and we can arrange a free estimate.



In the mean time check out this short video on The Top 10 Things To Consider When Designing A Custom Closet.

Here are Getting It Togethers’ Top 10 things to consider when designing a custom closet.

  1. What is your closet being used for and who will be using it?
  • Is it your front entrance closet where you not only need room for you and your family’s shoes and coats but would you also like room for when guests come over?
  • Is it strictly for clothes?
  • Is it a storage closet for suitcases, airconditioner and or holiday decorations?
  • Is it in your home office?
  • Is it in the spare room or children’s room?
  • Is it your kitchen pantry or one of those tricky corner cupboards in your kitchen?

2. Do you change your clothes seasonally or do you like to have all of your clothes in one place?

3. Do you like to keep shoes in the same closet as your clothes?

If so, do you like your shoes in shoe boxes (I recommend clear ones) or do you like them on flat shelves or angled shelves? And what about purses?

4. Are you right handed or left handed? This makes a difference as to how you open and close things and how you work in say your office or the kitchen.

5. Do you prefer to hang your pants or do you like to fold them on a shelf? Same goes for your tee shirts.

6. Where do you like to have the dirty clothes hamper?

7. What are the heights of the people using the closet, as well as the height of the person putting the clothes away?

8. Do you like to have a dresser in your bedroom or would you rather small drawers in your closet for things like socks, underwear, workout gear and such?

9. What is your career? Do you need an area for long formal gowns, and if so how much? Do you wear a uniform? Do you need a tie rack or belt rack?

10. What, if any impediments are in the closet? The opening to your attic or crawl space, the door chimes, alarm system, plugs, or heat vents.


After picture

Now that you have your custom closets installed you will want to put your things away in the most organized fashion. Time to bring in the big guns again. That would be me 🙂

I’ll put everything away for you in your clothes closet, pantry, office , garage and kids room. It will look like the magazine photos.

Just think of how much more time you will have now that you can find what you are looking for in 20 seconds or less. Think of how relaxed you will be because things will not be falling on your head. Think of the money you will save because you will be able to find what you need and will not be running out to buy a new one that you thought was lost. Sounds like paradise doesn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Call today to book your free over the phone session – 604-520-9550

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