How To Improve Your Energy Management

Do you wish you had more time or do you wish you had more energy?

Do you wonder how some people get so much done in a day?

What if we were to manage our energy within those 24 hours would it feel like we had more time?

Time is finite, energy is not.

Please take the time now to watch this quick video on How to improve your energy management.

What are some of the things that energize you?

Some of mine are hanging out with friends, going for a nice long walk, sitting and having a gourmet cup of coffee, and an organized home.

What are some of the things that de-energize you?

Some of mine are being around negative people, chaos, unresolved conflicts, and not getting enough sleep.

IMG_1226Every day we wake up with our “bag” of energy. When we do things that energize us our bag gets filled up. When we do things that deplete our energy our bag gets sucked dry. We need to do things everyday to fill our bag of energy up. Increased energy means we get more done in less time. Has anyone ever called you and said “hey I am in your neighborhood and I would like to stop by in 20 minutes?” Do you wonder where all that energy comes from to quickly put things away and straighten up the house? You get it done in record time. And, if you have all day to tidy up your house you probably take all day. See how this increase in energy has just given you extra time?

Here are Getting It Together’s Top three quick tips on How to Improve Your Energy Management

Tip #1. Make a list of the things that energize you and a list of the things that deplete your energy. Love for you to share some of them in the comment box below. I’ll bet most of us have many in common.

Tip #2. Do at least one thing every day that gives you energy. It might be as simple as sitting for 15 minutes and enjoying a cup of herbal tea. It might be meditating for 15 minutes or exercising. I highly recommend scheduling these energy boosters in your calendar. They are a very important appointment with you.

Tip #3. Take a look at your list of energy busters. The things that drain you. What can you delegate? What can you eliminate? Our plates are only as full as we make them. Are there some things that can wait? By eliminating some of these energy drainers you will increase your time. How will you use this new found time? If there are things that only you can do and they are energy drainers do them first thing. Get them off the list and reward yourself with an energy enhancer activity.

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How To Have A Stress Free Vacation – Part 2


Whistler, BC

After reading part one of how to have a stress free vacation I am sure you are anxious to get going with part 2.

Are your bags packed?

Do you know where your passport is? It is up to date?

Because I love to travel I like to be ready at any given moment to be able to take off. You just never know when you will get the call….hey I have a spare ticket to Bali, want to come? Ok, I am dreaming of this call.

In the mean time check out Getting It Together’s Top 5 simple tips on how to have a stress free vacation so you’ll be ready to go at the drop of a hat too. Please share the love by sharing the link to this video and blog post.

Tip #1: Have a travel bin. Keep your passport, airplane headsets, detailed packing list, left over foreign currency, travel size toiletries, travel meds like gravel, bear bell if you are biking in Whistler BC Canada, travel jewelry roll up, travel pillow and blanket for the plane, portable travel scale to make sure your suitcase is not over weight, plug adapters, and travel books/maps and brochures of places you have been to and will return to or places you would like to go to.

Can you think of anything else?
If so, please leave your comments in the box below.

Tip #2: Travel medicine bag. Have one ready to go at all times. Carry things like band aids, pollysporin, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil for rejuvenation after a long flight, vitamin c so you can nip a cold in the bud, headache relief pills, and any allergy medication you might need.

Tip #3suitcases: Plan your return. Avoid the stress of rushing back to work by coming home from your vacation one or two days before you need to return back to work. Nothing makes a person lose vacation mode more than by running in the door late on a Sunday night and having to be in the office first thing Monday morning. Not to mention you will have nothing in your fridge unless you have a magic elf filling it for you.

Tip #4: Catch – up day. Use that first day back home to catch up on laundry, returning phone calls, opening and dealing with mail and emails. Get back into the groove slowly. Savor the vacation mindset. Look at your photos and savor the memories.

Do you have the luxury of having a catch up day at work? That first day back after vacation can seem overwhelming. Look at your tasks and bite them down into manageable to do’s. The last thing you want is to be exhausted after your first day back to work when returning from a fun filled vacation.

Tip #5: Look at your bucket list. We can all be prone to vacation let down. Back to reality, work, and life in general. So why not look at your bucket list and start thinking about your next vacation.

Where is your most favorite travel destination? Please leave it in the comment box below.

In the mean time if you have not taken advantage of your FREE 30 minute call why not do that today? We could do a little vacation dreaming and come up with a plan of action for you.

Simply go to to book your time now.


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How to Have a Stress Free Vacation – Part 1

How many of you dream of a nice hot sunny vacation?

Do you think “I have too much work to go away?”

Or “I don’t have the time”

We all know it is extremely important to have breaks. Whether they are short breaks throughout the day or a day off once a week or a much needed vacation. A British survey found that 40% of workers return to work feeling more stressed than before they left on vacation.

Yikes! Why is that?

Check out this short video o