How To Organize A Wallet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What can you tell about a person’s shape, size and condition of their wallet? There are wallets that look like filing cabinets, ones that look like there is nothing in them and then there are some wallets that are held together by an elastic band.

What does your wallet look like?

What does your wallet say about you?

What would happen if your wallet fell on the floor in a coffee shop?

I love what the great money guru Susie Orman says “the thinner the wallet the richer the woman”. Susie feels that if your wallet is thin you have a handle on what is inside of it.

Check out this short video on “how to organize a wallet” and watch your money grow.

Here are Getting It Together’s Top 5 Tips:

Tip#1 Toss. Go through your wallet and discard anything that doesn’t belong. ATM receipts, expired coupons or gift cards, frequent shopper cards for places you no longer shop, old shopping lists, etc. You want your wallet to hold important things like money. You do not want it to look like a filing cabinet. One big wind storm and every piece of paper goes flying. (Did you ever see that on Seinfeld?) If so please leave a comment in the comment box below. 🙂

Tip#2 Photocopy. Take your credit cards, drivers license, medical card, etc and copy the fronts of them, then turn them all over exactly in the same spot and copy the backs.  Usually the back of the card displays the phone number to report lost or stolen cards. If your wallet gets stolen or lost you will know exactly what was in there and will have all of the correct phone numbers handy to call and report them as missing.  Keep these copies in your online files and in your safety deposit box.

Tip#3 Organize. Sort your wallet contents by type: Susie would agree with having all your money facing the same direction. Have your bills starting from smallest to largest. Organize identification, credit cards, medical cards, shopping/membership/gift cards, etc.  Use the sections of your wallet to keep these categories separated so you can find your cards quickly. Since writing cheques is not that common, only carry one cheque with you at any given time.

Tip#4 Condense. Do you have kids? Do you carry ALL of their medical cards with you? No need to. Take a blank business card. Write all the medical numbers on the card. Place it in your wallet. If you have 4 kids, that just saved on space and weight. Store the original medical cards in your files.

Tip#5 Clear out. Once a week take a minute or two to clear out all the unwanted papers and receipts from your wallet. Take the excess change and put it in your piggy bank, laundry money or parking meter money. I keep a small change purse in my car for parking. All that change can really weigh your wallet down.

Black Pouch, Purse - GITWant to be wallet-less? Put the contents of your wallet in my favorite purse organizer. The Pouchee purse organizer. There is a place for your credit cards, money, lipstick, eye glasses and receipts. It makes changing purses fast and easy. Check it out HERE.

Do you have any other tips for keeping your wallet organized? If so, share below!




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How To Organize Your Purse

Necessary things in red woman handbagHow much does your purse weigh?

When was the last time you cleared out all the clutter from your purse?

Do you wish you had a nice organized purse and could change purses to match your outfits?

“They” say the average purse weighs 6-10 pounds. Some are probably even more. This is not good for your back or shoulders.

What the heck are we carrying around with us anyway?

Do you use everything in your purse? I bet not.

Read on to get the top 5 steps on how to organize your purse.

Step #1 Dump out your entire purse. Yep, that’s right. Tip it upside down on your bed or kitchen counter.

Step #2 Give your purse a good clean out. Wipe the inside down with a damp cloth or give it a good shake over the kitchen garbage. Watch all those little bitty pieces of paper fall out, as well as the crumbs from snacks and whatever else might be floating around in the very bottom of your purse.

Step #3 Sort. Take each item and ask yourself “do I really need to be carrying this around in my purse”, “what is the purpose of having this item in my purse”? Are there items you can leave in your car? For instance, your sunglasses. Look at all the contents. This will give you an idea of what size and shape purse will best suit your needs.

Step #4 Toss all the old pieces of paper. For example old shopping list, ATM receipts, and outdated school notices. Do you need to save receipts for tax purposes? If so, go file them in your system we set up a few months ago. Toss or donate any old purses you are no longer using. Better yet, have a purse swap with your girlfriends and have some FUN.

Pouchee TealStep #5 Organize the essential contents back in your purse. Some people like to use zip lock bags, some use little cosmetic bags to separate different items. I like the Pouchee Purse organizer (shown in the image on the left). This purse organizer allows you to put the entire contents of your purse in this one little pouch. You will be able to change your purse to match each outfit. (They are perfect in diaper bags, gym bags or brief cases.)

However you decide to put your purse back together, be sure to give it a mini clear out every couple of weeks. You’ll be surprised at what ends up in your purse when you are not looking. One of my clients found a piece of toast in hers! She was wondering where it went. It was her daughter’s breakfast!

Looking for the most amazing purse organizer in town?  The Pouchee Purse Organizer is my personal favorite. They come in a variety of colors and are available at:

Check out this short video on “how to organize a purse” to see for yourself.


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