Do you wish you had a lower environmental impact (LEI)? This is the new word for being more green.

Do you feel if you were more organized you might in fact be more green?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

please watch this short video on how to be more green

Did you think of the most popular “going green” tactic?

Follow these simple Top Ten Tips on

how to be more green

by being more organized.

Tip #1 Cut out buying packaged foods. Think of how much less garbage you will have. Buying whole fresh foods is better for you and better for the environment. You will need to be more organized as whole fresh foods take a little longer to prepare.

Tip #2 Do full loads of laundry. You will save so much more water and less soap will be going into our environment. Have set laundry days. No more washing just the hockey uniform for tomorrow’s game.

Tip #3 Have all your errands planned and routed out. Think of how much gas and time you will save. This makes you SUPER green.

Tip #4 Be green by doing light coloured hand laundry first in a big bowl of water. Then wash your darks before tossing the water and doing a rinse. Hanging clothing items to dry also saves on our environment. You need to be organized and plan in advance if you need that specialty piece of clothing for a certain day.

Tip #5 Get the whole family hanging out in one room, reading, working on their computers, doing homework or watching TV. You will be so green because every light in the house will not be on. Turn lights off as you exit a room.

Tip #6 Use your oven for multiply cooking. For example if you are going to roast a beef for dinner use that oven energy to roast potatoes. Follow up with baking cookies, muffins or a quick bread. This saves on having the oven on one night for dinner and another night for baking.

Tip #7 Cooking in bulk saves on electricity. Not to mention your own energy. Be organized by planning ahead.

Tip #8 Hang your towels after each use. This way you can use them again. If they sit on the floor they usually end up in the laundry hamper. Get your whole family doing this tip. You will save on laundry, water, and the environment.

Tip #9 Take your own cloth bags grocery shopping. Once you have unpacked your groceries put your cloth bags right by the door. They will be ready to go back in your car. Be green and organized by taking your cloth bags even if you are going to the mall.

Tip #10 Use your own coffee cup. You can save a lot of paper cups just by simply bringing your own “to go” mug to a coffee shop, work or an event where you know they will have paper cups.

Do you have any other great “green” tips? Please share them below.