Do you get so stressed-out about the holiday season that you can’t even enjoy it?

Do you wish there were more hours in the day?

Do you wish there was more money in the bank (especially in January)?

Do you wish you could just run away from it all?

Do you feel bombarded by the commercialism of the holidays?

The holiday season need not be this way. As December gets closer you start to feel the pull of the holiday season. It is possible to think of it as a beautiful, precious time of the year – a time spent with family and friends. Let’s look at ways to embrace these festive times in a positive way.

Getting It Together believes you can have a stress-free, jolly, and peaceful holiday season. Here are four surefire steps to getting and keeping it together this holiday season.

Step 1 – Make a Plan and Prioritize

This plan will specifically state how you would like to spend the holidays. It may not be realistic to have everything you want or wish for, so make a plan and then prioritize each item.

For example, you may not be able to do all the baking or cooking; this is an area where you can ask for some help. Yes, allow yourself to get help. Why not do a cookie exchange with a few of your friends. This is a fun, stress free way to spend 2 or 3 hours catching up and visiting with friends while baking. This will create loads of extra time for enjoying your holiday entertaining and more time spent with out-of-town guests or relaxing.

Step 2 – Set Up a Master To-Do List

Now that you have your plan, make a Master To-Do List that is divided into subjects like shopping, a grocery list, menu ideas, activities and errands. Break your Master To-Do List down into small manageable “To-Do’s” and look at your priorities. What can you do? What can someone else do? What really does not have to be done? Let’s face it; people have way too many items on the never ending list.

Step 3 – Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

What on your Master To-Do List can you delegate?

For example, if they are old enough have your kids do the gift wrapping (not their own gifts of course!). Remember, it may not be perfect and it may not be the exact way that you would do it, but having it done for you frees up extra time to do other tasks. Plus, bonus…it will make the kids feel important and special.

Step 4 – Keep it Simple

No need to go overboard. The holidays are already special. Keeping yours
simple will allow you to have way more fun, more time, more money and less stress.

Gift Giving

Create a theme for gift-giving. The best and simplest one is the gift of time. Set up dates with friends and family members to go for lunch or a manicure or special holiday play. Get all of your friends and family on-board with this idea and they will love you forever. This will cut down on the pressure to buy and keep everyone clutter free.

As for kids, why not draw names. Most children feel so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of presents that they have a hard time focusing on one thing.


Create a theme for your menus, pick a country or a culture and create all your meals around those traditional foods. This is a great way to learn about other countries and keeps your grocery shopping and meal planning simple.

Another great idea is pot luck. Many people shy away from this during special holidays, but it is at this time that you need it the most. You get tons of variety and what better way to experience a food theme! Encourage your guests to keep it simple and healthy.

Most important to remember: Less is more! Keep in mind the reason for the season, why you are getting together with friends and family and what kind of memories you want to make.

It is really only one or two days of the year so keeping it all in perspective will allow you to have a fun, stress-free, jolly holiday season.

Rowena List is an Image Organizer™, motivational speaker, CD author, writer, trainer and mentor in the fields of personal and business development. Based on her own personal trade secrets, Rowena provides training, coaching, tools and support for creating healthy reflections from the outside in. She focuses on “enhancing faces and clearing spaces” to provide the energy, productivity and confidence that are the foundations for her unique approach to Success Without Struggle™.

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