organize a pantry Chiot’s Run Rowena List of Getting it Together shows you how to organize a pantry

Does your pantry look like a bomb went off in it?

Do you wish your pantry was user friendly?

Don’t know where to start with the question, How do I organize a pantry?

Watch this short video to get some of my top tips on how to “organize a pantry.”





The other day I was working on a clients pantry. It is interesting what I find shoved way back in pantries. Mostly it is old dried food items and expired cans and jars. One time I found a can of applesauce that had exploded! What is hiding in your pantry? Please leave your story or comments in the box below.

Would you like some help to organize a pantry?

Contact me today and we can book a hands on organizing session. You’ll love the way your pantry looks and how organized it will be.


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