storing chargers How many phone chargers do you have? Phone chargers for your phone, your spouse, your kids, the phone you owned three years back?

Do you have a way of storing chargers?

Do you have chargers but no phone? I see this a lot in homes. Bags and boxes of electronic chargers. None of them labeled so we do not know what they belong to.

If you have not needed the charger in the last week my guess is you will not need it. Open that drawer of chargers and think about it. Are you storing chargers you haven’t used in weeks, months, will you really use them again?



photo via dave patten

Please take a moment to watch this short video on storing chargers-

Now take a moment to label all of your chargers. I like to use the small plastic bread bag clips. You can write on them and attach to the cord of the chargers

Did you know that the number one item people leave behind in a hotel room is their phone charger? You can go to any front desk and ask for one as they have boxes of them. Some what like your local swimming pool with swim goggles.

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