Important Documents. What To Keep. What To Toss.

Would you love to be paperless? Do you keep every “so called” important piece of paper?

There is so much fear around getting rid of “important” documents. Let’s unpack the myths once and for all.

Take a quick look at this video On Important Documents. What To Keep. What to Toss. Then read on for more tips from Getting It Together.

Get rid of ATM slips that are more than a month old once you have checked them against your bank statement which is hopefully online and paperless.

Get rid of manuals and warranties for cell phones you no longer own. And any other out dated expired warranties.

Get rid of loan papers to the car you no longer own.

Get rid of outdated mortgage papers.

If you’re comfortable with your computer, get rid of all user manuals as the instructions are online.

It’s okay to get rid of old Wills as long as the person is deceased and the estate is closed and complete. If you’re holding on to your deceased parents or grandparents wills “just in case” it’s okay to shred them and make room for your important papers.

It’s very important to get rid of old Wills if you have updated and written a new Will for yourself or any family members. Keeping these old outdated papers simply confuses people who are taking care of your affairs.

Get rid of old divorce papers if the person you’ve divorced is deceased and their estate is closed and complete.

Get rid of all outdated utility bills once they are paid and you’ve found no mistakes.
Better yet, go paperless.


Keep receipts for big -ticket purchases in the event they are stolen or lost in a fire. This gives your insurance company proof you had the item. I would highly suggest taking pictures of these big purchases and have them with the receipt. Create a file on your computer (which has been backed up) and store the picture of the item along with a picture of the receipt.

Keep active warranties. Have one spot in your home for these.
It’s especially nice to leave these up -to- date warranties for the new home owner in the event you sell your place.

Keep birth certificates, marriage licenses and death certificates for obvious reasons however once a person has past, a family member may like these important documents if they are studying your family tree.

Have a safe place to keep your current Will, POA, estate planning documents and representation agreement. Be sure to let your Executor know where these papers are along with where your safety deposit key is.

Keep current mortgage papers and loan papers.

Be sure to shred all important papers you are getting rid of. Staples charges by the pound to shred. It’s reasonable and secure.

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Marnie Gunther
Notary Public

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Getting It Together FAQ’s – Part 2

Thank you for all of your questions. You know I love hearing from you. The interesting thing is that most people share very similar questions and concerns when it comes to clearing the clutter and getting organized.

Please keep those questions coming. Together we can help each other.

Q- What should I do with those plastic bags that a set of sheets comes in? I hate to toss them because they have the zipper closure and look so handy.

A- You are right! They can be handy. I have used those bags to store my good round baking tins. I find by putting them in the bag they do not get scratched. They are easy to see and store. I have also used those bags with my clients. We put all electrical cords in one. Again easy to see.

I don’t know about you but I have NEVER been able to get the set of sheets back in those bags. Have you?

Q- How can I tell my friends and family to stop buying me presents? I just do not need anything and I am trying to downsize.

A- Most grownups do not “need” anything. We are all so blessed. Many years ago I sent a letter to all my friends explaining that I was no long going to give gifts. Instead I wanted to make memories with them. They were all so happy to get this letter because they never knew what to buy me or their other friends. Now we get together for lunch, a movie, or have our nails done. Anything that is memory making and consumable. Be the first to start a trend. Think consumable!

Q- How many sets of towels should I have?

A- This depends on the number of people in the house. I would recommend 2- 3 bath towels per person, 1-2 hand towels per person and 5-7 face cloths per person. Most homes have a washer these days. If you go to the laundromat then you might want a couple of extras. Use one bath towel per person per week. It is better for the environment and laundry bill. Use one face cloth per person per day. The common used hand towel can be changed every few days.

I can never figure out how the hand towel can get so dirty when we are drying our clean hands! I keep a few “older” towels on hand for when we are heading off to the pool or beach.

Q- What can I do with all the recycling my local garbage company does not pick up?

A- Do you live in the Metro Vancouver Area? If so, you know your local company only picks up plastic, tins, glass and paper. Here are a couple of options. Call BC Recycling Hotline 604-RECYCLE (604-294-7972) or take your items to a local recycling depot. There is one in Burnaby at 4800 Still Creek Ave or once a month you can go to Britannia Center in Vancouver. Check out their site at

Treat yourself to a nice coffee after.

Q- How can I tell if I am disorganized?

A- The rule is if you cannot find what you are looking for in 20 seconds or less you are considered disorganized. This might sound harsh. What it means is that if your keys are on the hook you’ll find them right away. If they are not then you might go searching. If your eye glasses are always put away in the same spot you will be able to find them. If they are not, it might take you longer than 20 seconds to find them.

What is your burning question? What is your biggest organizing obstacle? Inquiring minds want to know. Please leave a comment below or contact me at for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. We will discuss your burning question and how you can move forward with clearing the clutter.

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