the best way to wash and store berries Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Just a few of the fabulous berries we can get fresh in the summer time. Which ones are your favorite? Creative Commons License photo via Sharon Mollerus

I love blueberries.I’ll go to our local farm and buy pounds of them. You never want your berries to go bad.Why not watch this short video on-

The best way to wash and store Berries

I love to freeze berries. It is so handy to have them for my protien shakes in the winter. It makes the work of discovering the best way to wash and store berries worth it! How about you? What things do you do with your berries? Are you a jam maker? A pie maker? Do you like to can?

A great berry bush can produce a prolific harvest, it’s a good thing the list of uses is so long! I knew a woman whose raspberry bushes but out so many raspberries they stored them in gallon ice cream containers and handed them out to everyone who visited. She was in need of advice on the best way to wash and store berries for certain.

What is the best way to wash and store berries that you have found?

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