How To Clear Mind Clutter

Do you feel like your mind is racing a mile a minute? Are you in overwhelm? Does your to-do list just keep on going and going?

Check out this short video on How To Clear Mind Clutter:

And then take a few minutes to try these simple steps and feel what it’s like to a have a clutter free mind.

Step One: Arrive at work/or your home office desk 15 minutes early so you can mentally prepare for your day. Get yourself settled in and review your day. Have a big glass of water and give thanks to one of your coworkers.

Step Two: Prepare your work station. Is it set up exactly how you like it? If there are things on your desk that look cluttery, tidy them up.

Play some soft relaxing background music.

Step Three: Take 15 seconds in between each task to clear your mind and breathe. This might mean running to the ladies’ room or the lunch room to just quickly regroup. All you do is shake your hands in front of you for 5 seconds and breathe deep.

Step Four: If your mind is really full of to do’s and family issues, take 15 minutes of your lunch break and do a mind dump. A mind dump has no right or wrong way. Simply take a piece of paper and write out everything that is going on inside your head. Are you thinking about a trip, a kid’s school play, your mother’s birthday etc.? Write it all out. Beside each item put a capital A if it is something you need to deal with and only you can deal with it. Put a capital B if it is something you would like to do if you had the time and a capital C on all the rest which means those are things you can delegate or get to one day when everything else is done.IMG_3820

Freeing up your mind like this makes room for you to be present in all situations. Present in conversations you have with your kids, family, friends and clients.

Step Five: Clear your physical clutter from your home. If your home does not step up to greet you, you are going to feel heavy, weighed down and your mind will be spinning. Take 15 minutes each night to clear out an area of your home. Start small. Start with your tee shirts. Donate all tee shirts you are no longer wearing. Toss the ones that look like rags. Next night move on to your shoes. Keep only the shoes that you wear and are comfortable. In another 15 minutes you can toss out all the outdated pantry items. Old candy from Halloween, expired baking powder etc. Can you see how doing these simple tasks can lead to a clutter free home and a clutter free mind?

Step Six: Clear your calendar. Make sure you have some white space in your calendar for down time. Time for you to relax, have a bubble bath or do some yoga. You need to replenish yourself on a regular basis in order to be able to give of yourself to all those who require it.

You can’t function from an empty basket.

And while speaking of calendars, schedule work time, play time, household responsibility time etc. Don’t keep all that information in your head. That causes clutter in the mind.

Step Seven: Learn the fine art of delegating. This means releasing the need for total control. Get kids evolved with household responsibilities. Can they help with bed making, lunch making and folding laundry? Is there a teenager in the neighbourhood who can help out with some of your to do’s?

Step Eight: Disconnect from electronic devices. Did you know you lose 27% of your days productivity if you check your phone first thing in the morning before doing anything else?

Turn off your phone while with those you love. Clear the clutter from your mind by not filling it with all kinds of clutter like social media, games with flashing moving parts or nonsense shows.

Make room for what’s important to you and those around you.

PS: I have a gift for you. Simply contact me at www.gettingittogether.ca and ask for your free weekly plan sheet. This is a fabulous tool to keep your week in order and plan your time. As an added bonus I’ll even walk you through the best way to use it in an over-the-phone conversation.

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Practice Mindful Shopping: Be A Conscious Consumer

Would you like to know the important tips to conscious consumption without regretting personal choices?

Are you concerned about the future of our earth and where all “this stuff” is going to end up?

Most women like to shop, wouldn’t you agree?  You might be like me and only enjoy window shopping while travelling because of the bright lights, overcrowded racks and disarray displays or you might be the type of woman who only shops online or are you the type who can hardly wait for the weekend so you can meet a friend and power through the mall?

Either way, you will want to be a conscious consumer instead of being consumed.

Take a quick look at this short video on Mindful Shopping and read on to get Getting It Togethers’ Top 5 Simple Tips

Tip1: Buy on need not price. Marketing gurus have us figured out. They know we can easily get drawn in to the “buy one get one free” or “buy one get one at 50% off.”  This is not the reason to purchase. Buy what you need. Period. If you’re feeling drawn in, walk away. Go have a coffee and think about the item. Do you really need it? Can you financially afford it? What is it really costing you if you purchase it? Disagreements with a spouse, crammed closets, guilty feelings, regret?

There will be times when you are feeling weak and end up with purchasing mistakes. We all have them. Give those items away or sell them. This could be clothing, gadgets, etc.

Tip 2: Work from a list. A conscious consumer has a list of items they need. Keep this ongoing list in your purse or phone. This includes grocery shopping.

Tip 3: Do your research. A conscious consumer looks for the best price, ethical manufacturing and or can it be previously loved? Let your fingers do the walking or better yet if your kids are old enough get them to research for you.

Buying second hand saves so much on the packaging especially when it comes to kids’ toys.

Borrowing an item from a friend like their power washer or canning supplies.rl3

Tip 4: Know where you will be storing your new items. If it is clothing, that means an item or two needs to come out of your closet before this new one goes in. If it is a big blow up water toy or a large Christmas decoration you need to think about where this will be living.

rl1What about a case of water? Can you refill your own water bottle and save on storage, the environment and money?

Tip 5: What is the purpose of purchasing this new item? Will it bring you joy for the purchasing instant or will it bring you continued pleasure? Do you need it or is it a want?

How will you spend your spare time now that you’ll be shopping less?

What will you do with the extra money?

PS: one of the best documentaries I’ve seen is “The Real Cost” check it out on Netflix and let me know your thoughts.



Collections VS. Clutter- are they the same or different and how to tell them apart

Did you start the collection or did someone start it for you?

Is the collection something that you love to look at?

Do you use the collection?

Did the collection happen by accident and then get completely out of control?

Check out this short video on Collections VS Clutter and then read on to find out the difference.

Collections and clutter are 2 different things.

Clutter is an untidy collection of things where as collections are several “like” items intended for display or investment.  A collection can be untidy if it is not stored, displayed or cared for properly.rl3

* Is this collection something you started? In the case of Mary. NO! Her parents thought it was a good idea for her to have an owl in her office. Then a friend and then another friend. Never once did my client buy herself an owl. She did not start the collection nor did she ever intend to have an owl collection. This is important to note.

* Do you like the collection? My client thought it was ok to have one or maybe 2 owls in her office however by the time I started working with her she was not happy with the takeover of owls. They were everywhere and it was looking too cluttered. This is where a collection starts to become a problem. Another client of my inherited a salt and pepper shaker collection. She had at least one hundred pairs and only used one!

* What to do with the collection? In the case of Mary she was ready for a change in her office. She had enjoyed the owls for many many years. We decided to keep her top 3 favorites. The one from her parents and 2 other neat looking ones. The rest we put in the hallway of the university with a sign that said “free”.

* What happened next? The interesting thing is that all the people walking past her office door thought she was leaving the campus. They did not understand why all of a sudden she wanted to get rid of the owls. It made them a little uncomfortable at first until they heard she was just going for a change.

All the “free’ owls were gone by the end of the day. They each got a new home in several other offices. Mary can go visit her owls any time she likes!

* How to stop a collection. If you no longer like the items you are collecting (or someone started collecting for you) or if they have taken over, it is time to put a stop to it. This can be a little delicate especially if family and friends have always bought you something to go with your collection. It is an easy gift giving idea for them and now what will they do? You will need to let EVERYONE know that you are no longer collecting XYZ. Instead you would prefer they give you consumable items or donate to a charity of their choice in your name. Let them know you are downsizing. This might even give them permission to start downsizing too.

Some collections can be sold on EBay, Craig’s List or at consignment stores. Some collections can be passed down to other family members. Unfortunately some collections end up in the land fill. Be careful what you start to collect. Be mindful of what type of collection you start for others. Is it something you will enjoy for years, does it have a purpose or value? Once it starts to take over, become a dust collector or not serve you any purpose it is time for it to go.

Check out these two pictures of collections nicely displayed and enjoyed by the owner.rl2rl1

I like to collect interesting people, memories and cash! How about you?

Hoo Hoo Hoo do you know who has not had their FREE 15 minute phone consultation?

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Downsizing Your Memorabilia

Are you a sentimental kind of person?

Have you saved everything and I mean everything from your children’s past?

Would you like to get a handle on your memorabilia?

Check out this short video for some very quick simple tips on downsizing your memorabilia.

and if you like it please click the” like” button and then pass it on to your friends and family.

Then read on for Getting It Together’s Top 3 Tips on downsizing your memorabilia.

We all go through different stages in our lives. At one point you may have kept everything that had any sentimental value to you. Then as time moves on you may have thought that some of this “stuff” was holding you back. Or maybe like me you were forced to downsize and decided that you were not going to move all of your memorabilia with you yet again.

1How many of us really even have the extra time to go through our memorabilia boxes? The only time I ever have is when I was getting ready to move.

Oh ya, I hear you. You are waiting until you retire or until you are in a senior’s home and then you will go through it all. I have yet to meet a senior who has any more time now then when they were working full time. Funny how that works isn’t it. Well that is because activities fill the time we allot them. You have 5 minutes to tidy up your kitchen before guests arrive and you can get it done. If you have all day you might procrastinate a little. This is human nature.

Tip: 1 Have one medium size rubber container per person in your household. That is the limit of stuff you will save for them or for yourself. If the container gets full then it is time to go through it and pull out some less important items. You will see as time goes on how certain items do lose their priority.

Tip: 2 Ask yourself the purpose of keeping each item. Is it sentimental? Is it from a family member who really wanted you to have a certain item? Is it from a vacation? If you do not have a concrete purpose of keeping the item then it is time to ask yourself why. Why am I keeping it?

Tip: 3 Keep your memorabilia box up high on a shelf. You do not want it to get water damage if you happen to have a flood in your basement of crawl space.

How about you? Where do you stand on the sentimental stage? Love to hear from you in the comment box below.

Enjoy your precious memorabilia items. I sure do.

PS: Did you know I offer over the phone coaching services? If you would like to live more on purpose and passion or would like a better handle on setting boundaries then please contact me for a FREE 30 minute discovery session.

Go to www.reclaimsession.com to book your session now.

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How to Avoid Shopping Traps

How often do you hear people say “oh it is only X dollars so I may as well get it”


You are out shopping with a friend and the clerk lets you know that today only is “buy one get one free (BOGO) or buy one and get one at half price”

These and many more are some of the shopping traps we need to be aware of.

Check out this short video on how to avoid shopping traps

Then read on for Getting It Together’s Top 7 tips on How to Avoid Shopping Traps (not in any particular order)

  1. Gift with purchase. You will see this a lot at the cosmetic counters. Spend 50.00 and you get this for free. Now the interesting thing about these gifts is that they might not be the best items for you. Check and make sure you really need these free items or have a friend/family member that you can give them to. Do you have large quantities of unused cosmetic items sitting under the sink? Why not donate them to your local women’s shelter?RL1 (4)
  2. Bigger is better. All of the big box stores promote this mentality. Let’s get real! If you live on your own or have a really small family you probably do not need a life time supply of paper towels. It is better to keep your money in the bank than on your pantry shelf taking up valuable space. So often I clear out a client’s pantry only to find several hundreds of dollars of expired food items. Can you split large bulk items with your neighbour or a family member?
  3. Free Shipping (if purchase is over X amount). Don’t get caught up in buying unnecessary items just to get the free shipping. Better yet why not talk to a friend or family member and see if they need anything from that same store.
  4. Get them in all colours. I always thought that was interesting how Oprah talked about her favorite things and when she found a sweater she liked she got it in every colour. For her it is not about the money however when does a gal have that much time to wear all those sweaters?
  5. It’s on sale. This is not the reason to buy anything. The only reason to make a purchase is because you need the item. This is especially true for women’s clothing. You hear ladies say “well it was ONLY 9.99” but do they wear it? Just think, you have to spend to save!
  6. Complete your set. Ok if you have a fine china set and you use it and love it then you probably would want to have ample place settings to complete the set however in most other cases (which I cannot think of one can you?) then what set do you need to complete?
  7. Not having a purpose. We can get caught up in these traps by thinking that one day we might need that item. Whatever that item might be. Buy things as you need them.

5 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing.

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Do I have the money to buy this?
  3. Can I get it on sale or at a better price someplace else?
  4. Can I ask for this item for my Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas gift?
  5. What is the purpose of buying it?

This article is not about putting a damper on shopping which can be a fun past time for many. It is simply one way of looking at how to avoid shopping traps. We all make purchasing mistakes. Buy an item just because, or to make us feel happy or we feel we got talked into it just to name a few. However next time you head on out for a shopping day take these tips and maybe it will help you in being a more mindful shopper.

PS: My online marketing buddy Mary Charleson, wrote this great article on Target. I found it so interesting that I wanted to share it with you along with Mary’s FREE offer.

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How to Have a Stress Free Vacation – Part 1

How many of you dream of a nice hot sunny vacation?

Do you think “I have too much work to go away?”

Or “I don’t have the time”

We all know it is extremely important to have breaks. Whether they are short breaks throughout the day or a day off once a week or a much needed vacation. A British survey found that 40% of workers return to work feeling more stressed than before they left on vacation.

Yikes! Why is that?

Check out this short video on how to have a stress free vacation to find out

Tip #1: Disconnect. We all need a break from our electronic devises at some time or another. I know most of you are saying “ya but then I return to 100”s of emails, I would rather deal with them while on vacation”

The challenge with this is that it does not give your brain a chance to fully turn off and get into vacation mode. Youphoto 1 (2) could end up reading a work related email that requires your attention. Then what? Interruptions to your family time, your relaxation time and fun time. What did we all do before we were so “addicted” or connected to our technology?

If you feel you simply cannot go without checking work emails then have a strict schedule. Say 15-30 minutes first thing in the morning and that is it.

Tip # 2: Plan in advance by letting your major clients knows that you will be away. Have an out of office reply on your email, and voice message.

Tip #3: Save the day before you go away to tidy up all the loose ends. Have you ever found how highly productive you become those few days before going on vacation? You work with a sense of urgency like never before.

Tip #4: Budget ahead of time. The best vacations are the ones that are paid for before you even leave. Then your only expenses are food and entertainment. Check online for FREE activities. Most places have several to pick from.

Tip #5: Be pet smart. Make arrangements in advance for Fido. Are you going to be travelling with your pets or will you be leaving them at home? This is one task that can be taken care of long in advance so it is not being left to the last moment.

See you under a sun umbrella or the ski slopes. What type of vacation do your prefer? Leave your comments in the box below.

PS: Do you need a system for your travel items? Call today for the latest organizing tips.


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Organizing your make-up: Find what you are looking for in 20 seconds or less

R applying Makeup-5Most of you know I come from a cosmetic background. With well over 3 decades in the business I thought it was time to share a few of my trade secrets. Like most of us, putting on our make-up is a habit. One day rolls into the next and before long we realize we have not cleared out or organized our make-up for some time. This is not a good thing.

Here are a few of my top tips for organizing your make-up. You’ll be able to find what you are looking for in 20 seconds or less and be up to date.

Tip#1 Pump bottles. Whenever possible use cleansers, moisturizers and foundations that come in pump bottles. This saves time. No more opening the containers morning and night. Simply pump out what you need. It is also more sanitary as your fingers are not touching the open caps.

Tip#2 Brushes. One good set of brushes is all a gal needs. My favorite is the MaryKay brush set because it comes in a nice roll –up container. This is especially handy when traveling. Good brush sets will last many years. Wash them once a month in a little shampoo and conditioner. Allow to dry overnight. Toss out all old, used sponge tip applicators and broken brushes.

Tip#3 Colour cosmetics. This includes eye shadows, liners, lipsticks and blush. Dump out your cosmetic bag, drawer or basket. Know your limit. How many items do you really want and need? It is safe to say that 3-4 eye colours will cover your basic needs. Toss the ones you never use and ALL purchasing mistakes. Come on, we all have one or two of those in our bag. The shimmery gold eye colour that you thought you HAD to have. Toss ALL lipsticks you are no longer wearing. The ones with just a little left in the tube, the FREE ones that are not your colour and the outdated ones. Keep your favorite 3-4. Do the same with your liners and blush. The thing is we wear 20% of our make-up 80% of the time.

Tip#4 Storage. Pick one place to store your make-up. Do you like to keep it all in a cosmetic bag, a basket or a drawer? The more places you have to store cosmetics the more likely you will spread to those areas. This is not a good thing. I keep all my items in one small drawer in the bathroom. I also like to have a travel cosmetic bag ready to go at all times. I put all my “almost finished” eye colours, blush and liners in there.

Tip#5 Toss. How many bottles of half used creams, lotions and potions do you have? Do you go onto the new before using up the old? People have the best of intentions of using up those partially used bottles. They don’t. Do yourself an organizing favour and toss them out. OR promise me you will use them up before buying new.

Do you have lots of unopened make-up items, cosmetics or toiletries? Please donate them to your local women’s shelter. They would be happy to receive them.

Keep your “look” up to date with regular consultations. Many cosmetic counters offer this service. So do home based cosmetic companies. Find a consultant who knows your style and one that you trust.

I love organizing cosmetic drawers, bags or baskets. Be sure to contact for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. We will discuss your make-up needs; your storage concerns and solutions. I’ll even give you the latest make-up trends.

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How to attend a charity event in style

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you find yourself in the position of attending formal events?

Is it once in a lifetime? Or is it part of your norm?

If you do not attend charity events very often it can be a challenge as to how to act, what to wear, etc.

These tips could work for attending a charity event, a fancy dinner party, or work related event.

Here are my Top 5 tips on How to attend a charity event in style.

Tip#1: Know the exact time and location of the event.

Since I was a guest to this event I did not see the tickets in advanced. I relied totally on my girlfriend. I was her “date”. I picked her up and followed her instructions of going to the Bayshore Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Once we arrived I gave the valet the valet ticket. After some time he came back to us and asked if we were at the right hotel. I thought we were because of my friends instructions. To make sure, I checked the tickets. This is what any organized person would do. Ah, we were not at the right hotel. Good thing the hotel we needed was right around the corner. With a good laugh we headed off to the correct hotel. (My friend mentioned that this mix-up would make a good story one day.)

Tip#2: Arrive early, stay late.

The thing about attending a charity event is that there is usually so much going on. By the time we arrived we did not have much time to scan the silent auction items. Some of the silent auction areas had already been closed. This was fine for us however, if you want to bid on certain items it is best to get there early. Staying right to the end is the polite thing to do. Hundreds of man-hours, effort and organizing went into planning the event. It is a nice gesture to stay to the end. Plus, it makes for great people watching.

Tip#3: What to wear.

At an event of this magnitude it is always better to be overdressed. Not to worry if you do not have such an outfit in your wardrobe. Here are some fun ways to get “the look”. Anything sparkly will do. If you have a long dress this is the time to wear it. Jazz up a basic black dress with fun jewelry. If you do not have these items can you borrow from a friend or see what your local consignment store has to offer. What about hair and make-up? This is the time when you can really go all out. What fun to have an up-do or false eyelashes, etc?

See if you can score a deal with your hairdresser to not charge you for doing your hair that day. Take the money you would have paid her and donate it to the fundraiser. Same goes with getting your make-up done. I’ll bet these people would gladly go for it. ASK. They may even give you a little extra cash to toss in to the donate pot. The thing is you might want to go and buy a whole new outfit. Would you wear it again? If not, then that means you are bringing more items into your home. Plus, the money you would spend on a whole new outfit could be money you could donate to the charity event you are attending.

Tip#4: No mobile devices.

Most of the people attending a charity event are very serious about the cause. There are speakers, live actions and loads of activity going on. Not to mention the fun band. The last thing anyone wants is to hear a mobile device going off. That also includes texting. Ya, I know we live in a world of instant communication but this is not the time or place for it. I’m an old fashion kind of gal when it comes to this. I left my phone in the car.

Tip#5: Know your limit.

When attending an event like this it is always good to go with a goal in mind. How much money would you like to donate to this cause? It is so easy to get caught up in all of the excitement. You might end up with items you never intended to get. So, be very clear as to how much you would like to spend and what you would like to spend it on. The best items are the consumable ones. That way you are not bringing more stuff in to your home. The hotel packages, food baskets and spa treatments are some of my all time favorites. These also make great gifts for family and friends. Consumable gifts are the best!!

The event I attended was so glamorous. It was a fun night. The dinner was yummy and the dessert was divine. With a Paris theme you can only imagine. I was thrilled to be there and very grateful. Watching the live action was amazing. The room was filled with excitement. Hearing the heartfelt presentations was warming. I know it was a huge success for all of those who participated.

Need help with knowing what to wear, what fork is the right one to use, or which glass is yours? Please contact me for a FREE 30 minute coaching call on how to get the most form the charity event you are attending.

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How to Organize a Computer

Can you believe that most people waste 76 hours per year-nearly two weeks’ worth of work, looking for things on their computer or in their office?

Do you have a love hate relationship with your computer?

Do you wish your computer was more organized?

Check out this short video on How to Organize a Computer.

Read on for my simple top 5 tips on how to organize a computer so you do not toss it out the window.

Tip#1: Back up your computer. Can you believe that 30% of people do not back up their files and every 3 seconds someone’s hard drive fails. YIKES! You can get an external drive, or rely on the “cloud”. (It is a virtual backup on a website that uses multiple servers.) Even on a sunny day here in Vancouver would you feel comfortable relying on a cloud? What if the cloud crashes? I still feel that the most important papers in your life need to be backed-up on your computer and you also need a hard copy.

Tip#2: Empty your recycling bin or trash. Have you kept EVERY single solitary email, file, document, etc. that you have ever received on your computer? You could be headed for a crash and burn situation. Just like you take out your paper recycling each week, you need to do the same with your computer. Clean it up. Take 15 minutes each week and delete what you no longer need. Exit out of all programs you are using; don’t just minimize them, then empty the trash.

Tip#3: Organize your desktop. Don’t save unneeded files. It slows your computer down. I’ve seen desktops that have so many files on them you can hardly see the screen. This is clutter to the mind just looking at it. Take a second to put these files in a hard-drive folder like “My Documents” or “My Photos”. Before you move any files, ask yourself  “do I need this information any longer or can I toss it?”

For example you might have thought it was cool to have “Google Earth” on your desktop. How often do you look at it? Is it necessary to keep it?

Tip#4: Re-boot. “Booting up” a computer was so termed because programs load in sequence, the first pulls the rest up by their bootstraps. It’s fine to let a computer “sleep” rather than shut it done, but reboot weekly to really refresh it. I recommend turning your computer off at the end of each day. This will save on electricity which saves on our environment. Reduce your webpage history. Your browser stores visited sites automatically. Set the history to clear every week.

Tip#5: Keep it clean. How often do you wipe down your keyboard, your mouse, your screen? I cannot even imagine the germs that are on and around our computers. We touch them with dirty fingers, we sneeze around them and not to mention crumbs from our morning toast. You can get all kinds of fancy computer cleaning kits. I personally use a Q-tip and microfiber cloth for keyboard and screen and an alcohol wipe for the mouse.

You know there is so much more we can talk about when it comes to our computers, organizing emails, etc. I’ll save those tips for another post. In the meantime please feel free to contact me for your FREE 30 minute reclaim session. We can discuss your burning computer questions, how to organize them, and how to move forward. Contact www.reclaimsession.com to book your time now.

If I cannot answer your questions you might have to join me for lunch with my really smart girlfriend! Lucky for me I can call on my girlfriend to help me out with most computer issues. She is not a computer person by trade, however she is really smart. She is actually a professional photographer. A world class one I might add.

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How To Organize Kids Artwork – what to keep and how to store the rest

Kids artworkDo you have the next up and coming Picasso?

Do you wish you could keep every piece of artwork your kids bring home?

Do you keep all the art thinking that your kids will want it when they are grown up?

Human nature is such that we all think pretty much the same on this topic. We feel that every piece of artwork is the BEST piece. We feel that we want to keep all the kids artwork because it would hurt their feelings if they saw it in the recycle bin. We also think they will want it when they are grown up … is this so they can show their own kids? Do you have your artwork from your childhood? What are you doing with it? How many times have you moved it? Is it filled with dust and must?

I do not know about you, but I do not have one piece of artwork from my childhood. I am perfectly okay with that as I see other children’s artwork and know that mine would have looked almost identical. Plus, what would I do with 10 plus year old artwork? I really do not feel any less than by not having my artwork.

I do have a vivid memory of a piece of artwork that I did that won me $5.00. It was of a dragon. It was big and bright and colourful. The memory is all I need.

Take a quick moment to watch this video on How to Organize Kids Artwork:

Then give these simple 5 tips a try on how to organize your kid’s artwork.

Tip#1: Designate one wall or hallway for your kid’s artwork. Hang a long piece of string on that wall that looks like a clothes line but attached to the wall. Hang clothes pins from the string.

Tip#2: Each time your child brings home a piece of artwork hang it from the “clothesline”.

Tip#3: At the end of each week take a photo of your child standing beside his/her artwork. These pictures make really cool screensaver slideshows or a Pinterest board!

Tip#4: At the end of each week take all the art down off the string. Along with your child (or not) decide on ONE piece of art from that week that you will keep. The rest can be recycled, used as wrapping paper for the next Birthday party, made into greeting cards for family and friends, or turned into party invitations. You can even send the artwork off to grandparents or aunts and uncles.

Tip#5: At the end of each month you will have 4 pieces of your children’s finest Picasso. Along with them or by yourself select ONE of your favorite to store in a keepsake box. The other 3 get tossed, or repurposed as mentioned in tip #4. At the end of the year you will have 12 pieces of art. Now it is time to get ruthless again and select ONE piece that will be saved in your child’s memorabilia box or you may choose to frame this one piece or you may choose to put it in a bound book. You can also add the weekly photos that you took to this book or scrapbook. I have seen really cool bound books of kid’s artwork. If you are interested in this please contact me and I will give you the contact information.

I would love to see your children’s artwork. Please send me a picture or two. Also, I would love to hear your comments. Please fill in the box below with your great ideas on organizing your kid’s artwork or any questions you might have.

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