How to organize your fridge

Would you like to know how to organize your fridge?

Does your fridge look like a science project?

Do you wish that everyone in your family put things back in the same place in your fridge?

Check out this short video for some hot tips on how to organize your fridge. You might want to share it with the rest of the household!

When my fridge is getting low on food I like to take that time to give it a good wipe down. I remove the crispers and give them a good wash out. Every 6 months or so I replace the container of baking soda. Does it really help to keep the fridge smelling clean? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Are you still feeling stuck about how to organize your fridge?

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I’ll walk you through the process. I’ll share my number one secret for keeping your fridge organized.


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