Yes make-up does have an expiry date. How old are some of your make-up items?

If you can not remember when you bought them or last used them then it is time to TOSS!

Check ou this video on how to organize make-up.

You will find out how long is too long. What to toss and when.

Make-up styles change and so do we. I have met people who proudly tell me they still have eyeshadow from their high school days…….YUK!! This is way to long to be keeping make-up unless you graduated this past June.

If you do not use much make-up be sure to buy the smallest size of each item possible.

What I like about is the small sizes of eye shadows.I love how you can get refils of your most used colours. You do not have to buy a whole new compact.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new look?

Please be my guest.

I will treat you to a new look and show you how to organize make-up so it is fresh and clean.

I know what to look for in old make-up. I’ll give you my secrets on what to keep and what to toss.

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