organized garageWhen is the best time to get an organized garage?

Most people select the summer so they can have the door open and put unwanted items in the driveway.Keep in mind that it might take more than one day to get an organized garage.There are lots of hiding spaces in your garage. You might find items you had forgotten you had.You might even come across the odd spider or 2!

Creative Commons License photo Les Chatfield

Can you get your car in your garage? Would you like to park in your garage?

Has your garage become a catch all? This is very common.Not sure where to store item X ? It usually ends up in the garage. And that clutter is the enemy of an organized garage!

Would you like to have a system?

Would you like an organized garage?

Watch this short video to get some tips on how to have “zones” in your garage. You’ll see the gardening zone, tool zone,sports equipment zone and so on. Zones are key to an organized garage.

What are your great tips for organizing a garage ?
Please leave them in the comment box below. We can all learn from each other.

Keep in mind that your garage did not get cluttered overnight so it will not get cleared overnight. It will take time. You will need a plan of action. Let me help you with that.

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