clearing the clutter in your mental/emotional houseBillion dollar industries have sprung from our obsessive compulsion to hold onto stuff. New services such as Professional Organizing and U-Store It facilities are making big profits helping us deal with all the things we amass, but they’re doing nothing to help us eliminate the core cause of this behavior.

Brian Tracy, a leading personal empowerment expert says that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. If our outer world is filled to overflowing with stuff, it’s reflecting the mental and emotional baggage we hold inside. Before we can effectively and permanently clear the clutter in our physical space, we need to clear the inner clutter.

Every negative thought or feeling we have about this stuff zaps our energy, lowers our self-esteem, erodes our self-confidence and leads to ineffectiveness. Let’s take a walk through our mental and emotional house and look for ways to clear this clutter.

The Living Room: Unfinished Business

These are all the commitments we’ve made and haven’t completed on. They could be related to you making a living, or personal in nature. Start by listing all your incompletes. Next decide which ones still offer some form of gain when completed. Now re-commit to completing these and begin scheduling time to chip away at them. The remaining items, the ones you feel have low or no value to you now, must be let go. Bless them for reminding you to be discerning with your  commitments and then burn the list. Affirm your freedom to choose what you will and will not do.

The Kitchen: Indecision

We might try to fool ourselves by saying these are ‘Food for Thought’, however, indecision in the mind is like indigestion in the body. It blocks up our flow and creates tremendous stress. Open all those junk drawers exposing the things you’ve been thinking about doing but haven’t taken action on. Turn your thoughts toward what you want to achieve and make a decision to act from where you are now. Are you afraid of making a mistake? Statistics say that roughly 80% of our daily decisions turn out to be not the best we could have made. Remind yourself of this and simply make a new decision knowing there is always something to be gained in every experience.

The Bathroom: Fear, Insecurity, Blame, Shame and Guilt

These are the thoughts and feelings that really stink and are creating grime and slime that’s hard to live with. Examine your thoughts and beliefs to discover the underlying cause of such feelings. What are you afraid of exposing? Where are you not being responsible for what shows up in your life? Whose moral code have you violated – yours or someone else’s? What do you need to do differently to release these offensive thoughts? Answering these questions will go a long way toward clearing away the scum that has you feeling low.

The Master Bedroom: Regrets and Withheld Apologies

How can you get a good night’s rest when thoughts of regrets or withheld apologies are stressing your mind? There is no peace, no rest. I’m reminded of the saying “You’ve made your bed now lie in it.” I’d like to change the last bit to read “now truth in it.” Tell yourself the truth. What has caused you to feel disappointed, to regret your actions or inactions? Do you want to make things right? If so, giving apologies are a great way to put clean sheets on the bed. Regretted inactions can be cleared, even if the people involved are no longer in your life. Choose someone else who could appreciate the gesture and take the action with them.

The Spare Room: Resentment and Grudges

These accumulate in the spare room because we’ve decided the relationship we’ve had with the person involved is dispensable, but we’re keeping them as spares. To clear these emotional energy blocks begin by forgiving yourself and the others. Love is For Giving and when we resent, the love is quite literally sent back; not received. Examine each grudge or resentment for any lessons that will serve going forward. Ask yourself what you’ve lost and/or gained from holding onto these. Are you willing to accept this person, or is it time to cut the ties, setting yourself and them free? I find it helps to write all my thoughts about these in a letter. If I want to recommit to the relationship, I communicate what I’ve written. If I do not, I burn the letter, allowing the Universe to set us both free.

The Workshop: Broken Promises

Go into the workshop to repair damage done by broken promises. These could be promises made to you or to others. Recall what motivated you to make the promise and what occurred that stopped you from keeping it. Are you willing to make amends and can you do it? What would the benefit of keeping this promise have given you or the other person? Is there still a way you can create this, or an equally valuable benefit now? If so, make a plan and do it. If not, offer an apology as soon as possible by communicating your feelings and the reasons behind them to the people involved – it’s never too late to ask for another chance. Again, remember to offer forgiveness and to express your gratitude for receiving forgiveness when you get it.

Doing the work of clearing the clutter in your mental/emotional house will bring you an amazing sense of freedom, power and grace.

You will begin feeling  light, happy, calm and confident. All efforts build your self esteem and create an aura of attractive energy for you that will be felt by others in your presence. Not only will your physical space be more naturally cleaned up, you may even find you’ll shed extra body weight as well as chronic health conditions or pain.

Your Clearing Toolbox:

There are many more tools and techniques you can use to make this work a little easier. Consider having your physical space cleared of energetic toxic waste left
over from conflicts, accidents, illnesses and injuries. Take sea salt baths regularly. Meditate either silently or with music designed to help you release any of the stagnant, heavy or dark energy within you. Keep a journal of you daily thoughts, feelings, awareness’s & celebrations.

Energy healing sessions are a great way to help you feel grounded, relaxed and confident while you do the decluttering. Ask for help and expect to receive it.
This is great work you’re doing and I would love to help you clean up the mess you’re in. Please do not hesitate to call me if you feel I could be of service to you, or someone you know.

Love blessings to you, Debra Taylor – Transformation Coach, Drum Reiki Master