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How To Clear Mind Clutter

Do you feel like your mind is racing a mile a minute? Are you in overwhelm? Does your to-do list just keep on going and going?

Check out this short video on How To Clear Mind Clutter:

And then take a few minutes to try these simple steps and feel what it’s like to a have a clutter free mind.

Step One: Arrive at work/or your home office desk 15 minutes early so you can mentally prepare for your day. Get yourself settled in and review your day. Have a big glass of water and give thanks to one of your coworkers.

Step Two: Prepare your work station. Is it set up exactly how you like it? If there are things on your desk that look cluttery, tidy them up.

Play some soft relaxing background music.

Step Three: Take 15 seconds in between each task to clear your mind and breathe. This might mean running to the ladies’ room or the lunch room to just quickly regroup. All you do is shake your hands in front of you for 5 seconds and breathe deep.

Step Four: If your mind is really full of to do’s and family issues, take 15 minutes of your lunch break and do a mind dump. A mind dump has no right or wrong way. Simply take a piece of paper and write out everything that is going on inside your head. Are you thinking about a trip, a kid’s school play, your mother’s birthday etc.? Write it all out. Beside each item put a capital A if it is something you need to deal with and only you can deal with it. Put a capital B if it is something you would like to do if you had the time and a capital C on all the rest which means those are things you can delegate or get to one day when everything else is done.IMG_3820

Freeing up your mind like this makes room for you to be present in all situations. Present in conversations you have with your kids, family, friends and clients.

Step Five: Clear your physical clutter from your home. If your home does not step up to greet you, you are going to feel heavy, weighed down and your mind will be spinning. Take 15 minutes each night to clear out an area of your home. Start small. Start with your tee shirts. Donate all tee shirts you are no longer wearing. Toss the ones that look like rags. Next night move on to your shoes. Keep only the shoes that you wear and are comfortable. In another 15 minutes you can toss out all the outdated pantry items. Old candy from Halloween, expired baking powder etc. Can you see how doing these simple tasks can lead to a clutter free home and a clutter free mind?

Step Six: Clear your calendar. Make sure you have some white space in your calendar for down time. Time for you to relax, have a bubble bath or do some yoga. You need to replenish yourself on a regular basis in order to be able to give of yourself to all those who require it.

You can’t function from an empty basket.

And while speaking of calendars, schedule work time, play time, household responsibility time etc. Don’t keep all that information in your head. That causes clutter in the mind.

Step Seven: Learn the fine art of delegating. This means releasing the need for total control. Get kids evolved with household responsibilities. Can they help with bed making, lunch making and folding laundry? Is there a teenager in the neighbourhood who can help out with some of your to do’s?

Step Eight: Disconnect from electronic devices. Did you know you lose 27% of your days productivity if you check your phone first thing in the morning before doing anything else?

Turn off your phone while with those you love. Clear the clutter from your mind by not filling it with all kinds of clutter like social media, games with flashing moving parts or nonsense shows.

Make room for what’s important to you and those around you.

PS: I have a gift for you. Simply contact me at www.gettingittogether.ca and ask for your free weekly plan sheet. This is a fabulous tool to keep your week in order and plan your time. As an added bonus I’ll even walk you through the best way to use it in an over-the-phone conversation.

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How To Spring Clean And Spring Clear

Do you have the Need To Clean and the URGE TO PURGE?

Spring time brings this out in all of us. The rain has stopped…hopefully and the birds are singing. For those of you reading this outside of Vancouver you might be blessed to have sun all year and happy birds singing daily. We in Vancouver get excited about this.

Spring is a time of newness and fresh air. I think that is why so many of us have the urge to purge and start cleaning. The best time to start your Spring clearing and cleaning is when you stop using the heat in your home.

Check out this short video on “How To Spring Clean And Spring Clear” then read on for Getting It Togethers’ top tips to help you get on your way.

Tip #1 Make a list of all the things you would like to accomplish in your Spring clearing and cleaning. You will want to break the list down as this project is not done in a day.

For example:IMG_3391

  1. Wash and store all Winter clothing and replace with your Spring and Summer wardrobe. Keep in mind that if you have not worn it for a year or it does not fit then it is time to pass it on.

    While your closet is empty give it a good vacuum and dust down the inside walls. Spray the carpet with a freshener of your choice. I like using essential oils for a chemical free environment. Did you know Lavender oil helps to keep moths away?

  1. Put away all seasonal sporting equipment. Be sure to give them a good clean before you do. Add a clean dry wash cloth with a few drops of Lavender oil on it to the clear plastic bin before storing.

  2. Wash curtains, blankets, bedding etc. Pick a sunny day so you can hang them on the clothesline if you have one. You will enjoy that nice Spring clean smell.

  3. Go through all the piles of papers, magazines, articles etc that you were saving for a rainy day (let’s hope they are gone for a while). Deal with each item of paper once. Donate old magazines to your local gym or doctors’ office. Recycle all outdated reading material. Shred old bills etc. or better yet get yourself set up for paperless.

Tip #2 Get your family involved. It is no fun doing this alone and chances are it’s not all your stuff.IMG_2918

For example:

  1. Spend a day in the garden together clearing out all the debris from Winter and cleaning all the cement walks and driveway. Borrow a power washer from a friend or neighbour (the kids will have fun with this one).

  2. Get small children to go on their hands and knees and dust all the floor boards and behind hard to reach furniture. Don’t forget to get them involved in their own rooms too. They can clear out old toys and clothes to make room for the new season.

    Reward them with a treat or special activity at the end of the day.

  3. Make a “honey do” pot. Write out all the chores you would like your husband/partner to do. Write one chore per piece of paper and place them in the pot. Every Saturday morning, he gets to pick one job out of the jar. Reward him at the end of the day too!  If you do not have a husband or he is not the “handy man” type then make a list for the local handy man in your area. Some areas have “husbands for hire” companies. And yes, there are a lot of things we as women can do ourselves.

Tip #3 Turn on your favorite music, open the windows and take it step-by-step. Stay focused and don’t get distracted by those photo albums! Doing this all before summer means you don’t have to think about it during the best part of the year.

Tip #4 The best tip of all is “an organized home takes 40% less time to clean”. What will you do with all your spare time?

If you just can’t fathom tackling your urge to purge alone, contact www.gettingittogether.ca for Spring Clearing help.

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Should I Keep The Box?

How many of you have every box from every electronic item that you have ever bought or received?

The big question is… should it stay or should it go?

Check out this short video on “Should I Keep The Box” and then read on for more helpful tips from Getting It Together.

The only reasons to keep the box is if you plan on returning the item, selling it or moving it.

Let’s talk about returning an electronic item. There are only so many days you have before you can no longer return it. If that time period is over and you do not plan on selling the item or moving any time soon get rid of the dust collecting box. Think of the empty space you will have.

Let’s talk about moving. Chances are if you plan on moving your 70-inch TV any time soon you will be hiring movers, in which case they have the perfect moving blankets that secure your TV in place. Storing massive boxes like this take up valuable real estate and collect dust. I would never suggest storing this box flat under your bed because how would you keep it clean?

And how many of you are really going to sell your old electronics? The sad reality is they go out of date so fast and the latest and greatest is right around the corner.

Now I sell a lot of things for my clients and I have never needed the box. IMG_3671

What I would highly recommend you do is:

A) Take a picture of your expensive electronics and store that picture along with the extra cords that are labelled, along with warranty and manuals in a clear box. This information is extremely helpful if you are ever robbed. It makes replacing so much faster.

B) Have your expensive electronics insured properly.

C) Think before you buy. Is this something you are wanting to keep for a long time, is it something you will sell or will you be donating it once you have finished with it?

D) D for dump all the boxes in recycle.

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