Weight Loss and Organization by Rowena List Professional organizer and Speaker

weight lossWeight loss tips and suggestions are everywhere we turn. Eat ten fruits and vegetables a day, drink ten glasses of water, exercise. We have heard it all. One thing we never seem to read about or hear about is how being organized fits into this picture. The more organized we are the more time we have to prepare all these salads,get to the gym and have a clear mind so we remember to drink water.


Check out this short video to learn more about organization and    weight loss.

What is one idea you will put in place right away to help with weight loss?

Please leave your comments below but not before you have a BIG glass of water!

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Storage Locker Auction Part 1 by Rowena List Professional Organizer and Speaker


Have you seen that TV show called “Storage Wars?



It features a storage locker auction.









Have you ever been to a storage locker auction?

I had the opportunity of attending a storage locker auction.

It was so interesting to watch the people as they pulled out their flashlights and sniffed around the lockers. What where they looking for? A valuable treasure or two. A storage locker auction brings out people looking to find that one in a million valuable forgotten item.

Check out this video for some of the top secrets on how to organize a storage locker.

There is a time and place for storage lockers.

Do you have one?

How long have you had it?

I helped a client downsize her storage locker. We came across a 20 pound bag of rice that had been in there for over 5 years. Good thing there were no mice with it! What do you have in your storage locker?

Are you needing help with your storage locker? Please contact me for a FREE phone consultation. We will discuss your needs and how to move forward.

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 storage locker auction

Storage Locker Auction Part 2 by Rowena List Professional organizer and Speaker

storage locker auctionAfter spending a morning at a storage locker auction I thought it would be fun to do a video.

Do you have a storage locker?

What does it look like? What is hiding inside your storage locker? Would people at a storage locker auction be excited at the haul inside? Would a storage locker auction crowd find that hidden valuable in your locker.

Want to avoid be the subject of a storage locker auction?

Is it time to clear it out? Is it time to downsize and get rid of it?


One of the clients at the storage locker auction shared that he was going to take all the items and sell them. It is interesting how we all think our things are so valuable and important yet we keep them in storage. We might not even go to the storage locker or it might end up in a storage locker auction. I hope this is not the case with YOU!

What is the most interesting thing you are storing? Love to hear in the comment box below.

 If you like this video, click the “like” button and then share it with your friends.  And if you’re not in the “Getting it Together” community, head on over to GettingItTogether.ca and get on the list.  You’ll get instant access to a free ebook that outlines a simple 10-day plan for organizing 10 different areas of your home in 15 minutes or less.


Getting Your Socks Organized and Together

socks organizedDo you have a basket of unmatched, single socks?

Do you wonder where those single socks get to?

Would you like to never again have an odd sock drawer?

Do you dream of having socks organized and together?

As a professional organizer I support people with hands on organizing. Every home I work in has a box, drawer or basket of unmatched socks. Why is that? How does this happen the world over? Where are all those lost socks?

Once a week for well over 15 years I hear an “unblemished record” coming from the living room. This triumph happens without fail. This claim to fame comes from my partner who is responsible for doing the laundry. His unblemished record is that we have never had a pair of socks that don’t match up and we have never “lost” a sock. No spare socks, no missing socks just paired up socks.

Mark is not a professional organizer we just have a system which I will share with you right now.

The 5-step system for saying goodbye to a pile of unmatched socks:

Step #1: Limit the number of socks you own. Ask yourself how many pairs of socks do you or your family members need? How many do you wear? Toss the ones with holes. Give away the ones you do not like or wear. Match up all remainder.

socks organizedStep #2: In the future buy several pairs of the same socks. For example 6 pairs of white socks and 6 pairs of black.

Step #3: Pin each pair of socks together before washing them or make sure you put a matched pair in the washer. You might think all the socks are in the laundry hamper however some socks do not even make it to the hamper. One could be hiding under the bed or in a sports bag.

Step #4: When you are folding your dry clothes check the corners of fitted sheets. This is the best hiding spot for single socks (that is if you did not pin your socks together). Another great hiding spot is down the outside of the washer or dryer.

Step #5: Every so often go through your odd sock box, drawer or basket and match up any pairs. Toss the rest or use them as a hand held dust cloth.

Are you feeling a bit lost on where to start or need to get your whole bedroom organized (not just the socks)? With spring here, now is the perfect time. If you live in the Vancouver area, contact me today for a 30-minute complimentary no-obligation phone consultation.

During this consultation we will discuss your biggest organizing challenge, what is frustrating you most, and changes you can make to ensure you can enjoy the upcoming summer months with ease, and of course have plenty of time and energy to enjoy them! Then we will discuss organizing packages and pricing. If we are good fit for one another, we can schedule your first personalized in-home organizing session.

Getting It Together FAQ’s – Part 2

Thank you for all of your questions. You know I love hearing from you. The interesting thing is that most people share very similar questions and concerns when it comes to clearing the clutter and getting organized.

Please keep those questions coming. Together we can help each other.

Q- What should I do with those plastic bags that a set of sheets comes in? I hate to toss them because they have the zipper closure and look so handy.

A- You are right! They can be handy. I have used those bags to store my good round baking tins. I find by putting them in the bag they do not get scratched. They are easy to see and store. I have also used those bags with my clients. We put all electrical cords in one. Again easy to see.

I don’t know about you but I have NEVER been able to get the set of sheets back in those bags. Have you?

Q- How can I tell my friends and family to stop buying me presents? I just do not need anything and I am trying to downsize.

A- Most grownups do not “need” anything. We are all so blessed. Many years ago I sent a letter to all my friends explaining that I was no long going to give gifts. Instead I wanted to make memories with them. They were all so happy to get this letter because they never knew what to buy me or their other friends. Now we get together for lunch, a movie, or have our nails done. Anything that is memory making and consumable. Be the first to start a trend. Think consumable!

Q- How many sets of towels should I have?

A- This depends on the number of people in the house. I would recommend 2- 3 bath towels per person, 1-2 hand towels per person and 5-7 face cloths per person. Most homes have a washer these days. If you go to the laundromat then you might want a couple of extras. Use one bath towel per person per week. It is better for the environment and laundry bill. Use one face cloth per person per day. The common used hand towel can be changed every few days.

I can never figure out how the hand towel can get so dirty when we are drying our clean hands! I keep a few “older” towels on hand for when we are heading off to the pool or beach.

Q- What can I do with all the recycling my local garbage company does not pick up?

A- Do you live in the Metro Vancouver Area? If so, you know your local company only picks up plastic, tins, glass and paper. Here are a couple of options. Call BC Recycling Hotline 604-RECYCLE (604-294-7972) or take your items to a local recycling depot. There is one in Burnaby at 4800 Still Creek Ave or once a month you can go to Britannia Center in Vancouver. Check out their site at http://www.pacificmobiledepots.com/Mobile-Depot-Info-Rates.html

Treat yourself to a nice coffee after.

Q- How can I tell if I am disorganized?

A- The rule is if you cannot find what you are looking for in 20 seconds or less you are considered disorganized. This might sound harsh. What it means is that if your keys are on the hook you’ll find them right away. If they are not then you might go searching. If your eye glasses are always put away in the same spot you will be able to find them. If they are not, it might take you longer than 20 seconds to find them.

What is your burning question? What is your biggest organizing obstacle? Inquiring minds want to know. Please leave a comment below or contact me at www.gettingittogether.ca for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. We will discuss your burning question and how you can move forward with clearing the clutter.