Stress Free Travel: Arrive Refreshed, Energized and Ready to Go

Do you enjoy travel?

How would you like to travel minus the stress?

Would you like some tips on stress free travel? You’ll arrive refreshed, energized and ready to go!

Below are 5 simple tips to get you on your “merry” way and leave the stress behind:

Tip#1: Time. If you want stress free travel you need to allow enough time for any unforeseen mishaps. Like running out of gas. Do you know how long it takes you to get to your local airport? Add on an extra 30 minutes. If traffic is heavy or there is an accident slowing traffic you won’t get stressed out.  If check in is an hour add on an extra 30 minutes. This will allow for any long line ups or packing issues (overweight baggage, for example).

Tip#2: Documents. I love this saying. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Do you have a handy document file folder or a pouch in your travel bag?  When your passport is handed back, you immediately put it back in the file folder or pouch. None of this “I’ll do it later.” Then toss it in your bag. This is how important documents get misplaced.

My Aunt was traveling to England. She had her passport in her hand. When she got to customs she could not find it. Long story short she had tossed her passport out with her coffee cup! Good thing she had ample time to go back and retrieve it out of the garbage can.

Tip#3: Clothing. Wear the most comfortable clothing you have. I love watching people at the customs line up as they start to get undressed. Belts, boots, layers of clothing.  This can cause stress for those who are running late. Wear easy to remove shoes. Wear items that won’t set the x-ray machines off. Be mindful of your carry-on bag.

There was a lady at the Paris airport that had about 6 paper shopping bags that would not fit in the machine. She was shoving and pushing trying to get them through the x-ray. She was late for her plane. Talk about STRESS.

Pack one day of bare essentials in your carry-on. Toothbrush, clean panties, prescription medication, and a good book.

Tip#4: Snacks. Low blood sugar makes people grumpy and stressed. I carry protein bars, dried nuts and fruit and some hard candies. Once past all the restricted areas grab a bottle of water. I know most airlines give you water but it is never enough. One of the best ways to arrive at your destination refreshed, energized and ready to go is to be well hydrated.

Tip#5: Pack early. Are you so excited about your trip that you park early or do you leave it to the last minute? Make a master list of must have items. Pull your suitcase out. Place it in an out of the way location in your home. As you think of items to take toss them into the case. 2 days prior to travel get your master list in hand. Pull everything out and systematically put each item back in the suitcase as you check it off your master list. Good rule of thumb is that each piece of clothing should go with at least 3 other items in your case.

If you are already at your travel destination pack the night before. Check your room for items that might be under the bed, electrical cords, and things in drawers or closets.

Here is to fun, safe, stress free travels. Hope to run into you on the slopes!

Organizational Frequently Asked Questions

One of my favorite things to do is travel. I’ve been blessed to see a large part of our globe. When traveling I always meet people at airports, train stations, restaurants, golf courses, ski hills, etc.

Once we get to chatting and they find out what I do, the questions start. Good thing I love talking about organizing tips and how to get organized. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked.

Q- I live with a clutter bug. What can I do about it?

A-The number one rule is “you never clear someone else’s clutter unless they have given you permission to”. The best thing you can do is live by example, send them to my website or buy them my CD!

organizingQ- What can I do with all my papers?

A-This is a BIG question. I have several articles/blogs on this. In short it is best to try and stop as much paper as you can from coming into your house. For example get all your bills online. Put a “no junk mail” sticker on your mailbox. This will stop any mail that is not personally address to you or someone in your household. Register yourself with www.reddotcampaign.ca. Within 6 weeks you will no long get any “current occupant” junk mail. If I ever receive a piece of mail for “current occupant” I return to sender.

Q- What shall I do with my grown children’s baby clothes?

A- I know, you saved them because you thought your kids would want them for their kids. This did not happen for whatever reason. Save one or two of you most favorite items and donate the rest.

Q- I have year’s worth of canning jars. What should I do with them?

A- My first question back to that person would be “do you can?” if so, how many canning jars does a gal need? Keep what you need. Donate the rest. If you no longer can donate them ALL!

Q- I love books. What shall I do with all the ones I have read? I think I might re-read them one day.

A- Can you get books from the Library or download them? If it is a book that is not available then buy it with the intention of donating. Human nature is such that we think we will re-read our books. 90% of people do not re-read their books. (unless it is a text book or study manual) Pass your books on with love. Share them with family and friends. Get a Kindle.

Q- My children have toys everywhere in the house. What can I do?

A- It is very important to have “zones” for kids. Pick one “zone” in your home and have all the toys in that place. When you tell your children to go play they will know exactly where to go. If there are toys everywhere they will get confused and not know which zone to go play in.

What is your burning question? What is your biggest organizing obstacle? Please leave a comment below or contact me at www.gettingittogether.ca for your FREE 30 minute phone consultation. We will discuss your burning question and how you can move forward with clearing the clutter.

One bowl eating habit to weight loss By Rowena List Professional Organizer and Speaker

weight loss

Many years ago I attended a fund raiser in Burnaby BC. It was to raise money for the people in our community that go to bed hungry,wake up hungry and/or go to school hungry. In this day and age I have yet to understand how this can still happen. We live in a country of abundance. So much that weight loss can happen just by eating with portion control. picture via Creative Commons License Ben Seidelman

At the fund raiser we were all given a hand made pottery bowl. The idea was to go around the room and fill it with different food items to enjoy for our dinner. It was the perfect size bowl. Around the size of a soup bowl.

At the same time I heard about a fellow that ate every meal out of one bowl for a whole month. Weight loss was a side effect. His goal was to teach himself about portion size. In the mean time he lost some weight.

Check out the video for all the tips.

What do you think of this idea?  Are you going to give it a try?

Do you think it will aid your weight loss?

Love to hear your opinion below. What is your best weight loss strategy?

If you like this video on weight loss, click the “like” button and then share it with your friends.  And if you’re not in the “Getting it Together” community, head on over to GettingItTogether.ca and get on the list.  You’ll get instant access to a free ebook that outlines a simple 10-day plan for organizing 10 different areas of your home in 15 minutes or less.

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